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Found 5 results

  1. I was at a loose end and decided to give pontins a revisit.last time I went here we could not get into most of the buildings.things have changed a bit and I explored the whole site.from the pool,restraunts,bar areas,even the maintenance rooms.the site shut in 2009 and remains a controversial site with the locals who are at odds with the council.both have different ideas on what should be developed here.i did have a holiday here in my teenage years,nothing much has changed ha ha,but I did have a great week with three mates ,getting up to mischief,so it has sentimental value to me
  2. Pontins. Hemsby. Norfolk. September 2013. shot on Velvia 50 35mm Film Visited here with my good friend and my daughter. I new the site well but had never visited, so decided that we would as I had a roll of Velvia 50 35mm film to shoot to test my new canon eos 5 out prior to starting uni. Absolutely stunned with the results. This is the 1st time I had loaded a roll of film, let alone shoot film. All the images are as they were taken in the camera, but some of them have had a minor crop to straighten them. The weather was very over cast and kept spitting with rain, so the images are taken in a random order as kept nipping back into the old pool to keep dry HISTORY Weeds now flourish on the 2,440- capacity camp which has sat empty since 2008 when Pontin’s closed it “following a period of sustained operating lossesâ€Â. Landowner Northern Trust had pinned hope on developing the site for residential use, but following heated objections from residents the plans were withdrawn in January 2012 before they came before the development control committee. Residents feared the development would place a strain on schools and doctors’ surgeries, put more cars on the road and take a valuable tourism asset away from Hemsby. In a change of tack, the site has gone back on the market advertised for “tourism/ leisure usesâ€Â.
  3. Decided to pop back and have a little look about, it had been 14 months since I had last gone and to be honest not much has changed, a few more broken windows, more chalets are now sealed up properly, and somebody has thrown the medics storage cupboard in the pool. Last time I visited I shot on a eos 5 film camera with Velvia 50 film and a 50mm f/1.4 usm lens.... This time I shot with a 6d and a Canon 17-40mm f/4 L so got something a little different this time. Bit of History and what's going on from the local rag The 2,440-capacity camp in Hemsby has been empty since 2008 when Pontin’s closed it “following a period of sustained operating lossesâ€Â. Grass was overgrown , it was full of weeds and a number of break-ins have been reported this year. But following negotiations between Great Yarmouth Borough Council and the property agent for the site it has been tidied up. After receiving complaints from the public about the condition of the privately-owned site, the borough council asked for improvements to the former Pontins site, which closed in recent years. Now this gateway site, in Beach Road, has been spruced up at the instruction of Northern Trust, the site’s agent, following discussions with the authority. The council did not pay for any of the work. If this informal agreement had not been reached, the borough had the option to serve a legal notice ordering the responsible party to undertake the work by a certain date, or else face criminal prosecution. In October this year, the borough council used these legal powers to press for improvements to Vauxhall House, next to the railway station, which must be upgraded by January 20, 2014. The agreement over the Pontins site required the boarded-up windows to be painted white, the grass, weeds and low-lying vegetation to be cut to ground level, and the hedge along Back Market Lane to be cut. This was completed during November. Cllr Trevor Wainwright, the leader of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, said: “The former Pontins site is a prominent property, visible on the main route through Hemsby, so its appearance influences how residents and visitors feel about the borough. “This site has been a persistent cause of public concern since it was vacated. And although there’s been some minimal maintenance, these negotiations have secured a more comprehensive schedule of works which should alleviate the visual harm. “Discussions are ongoing to agree a long-term viable use for the site, but in the meantime the borough council will work with the agent to ensure it does not fall below our standards.†The former Pontins site is 8.877 hectares (21.94 acres), with an extensive road frontage. The central leisure and entertainment facilities extend overall to approximately 6,785 sq m (73,033 sq ft). Chalet accommodation for 2,440 people is provided within 512 chalets. - See more at: http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/former_hemsby_pontins_holiday_camp_is_tidied_up_1_3076290#sthash.zCSCJXtZ.dpuf
  4. These pictures are from my first visit to this site in September 2012. The first holiday camp to be built at Plemont was the Jersey Jubilee Holiday camp, built in the early 1920s. The camp was used as a base for the forces, who damaged the camp to the extent that it was going to cost a fair amount of money to restore. The solution was obvious, the camp had to be put up for sale. It was bought by Fred Pontin, who desperately wanted a holiday camp in the Channel Islands. His want came true when the States of Jersey (Local Council) agreed that having a Pontins Holiday Camp would be a fantastic boost for the Jerseys tourism industry. Fred demolished most of the original camp and constructed a new one within the footprints of the old. He constructed new chalets and a new entertainment building, and re-opened under the Pontins name in the 1960's. The camp ran like this up until the end of the 2000 season, when the owners of Pontins, then Scotish and Newcastle decided they wanted to invest thier money in the camps in the uk. Plemont, along with Portelet, closed and were left empty. Currently, the future is unknown for the site. Demolition signs are up, though it looks like nothing will happen any time soon while the owners and the council argue over the future of the site.