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Found 8 results

  1. The Visit This was unfortunately one of them explores that has lots of potential but somehow just doesn't live up to expectations. See what you guys think anyway The History This old school building was designed by the architects Innocent and Brown and opened in 1875. In 2003 the school was moved to a new, purpose-built building on Andover Street, built on the former St Catherine's RC Primary School site. The original school building is now Grade II listed. It stands in a prominent position on the hillside with great views across the city with plans to convert it into apartments.
  2. It feels nice to be back home exploring although today of all days I refuse to use the term 'easter eggsploring'.I bailed out of doing this place twice in months past as it is situated on a very busy residential road so never found the right time to access the place, but Easter Sunday seemed like a good bet and so I finally did along with Mr. OverArch. To be honest it was a let down, it looks like such a great building from the outside with the clock tower and everything but the inside is screwed - the floors are riddled with dry rot so only a couple of the concrete-floored classrooms and the corridors are safe to walk on. No access up the clock tower either...well there was, but looking at the state of the ladders brought back bad memories from Birkenhead's Central Hydraulic Tower so was an instant no... Fibbersley Park Primary School closed around 2010 or 2011, and in 2013 the building containing the hall/gymnasium was destroyed in an arson attack and subsequently demolished. Not a huge amount to see as it's been largely stripped of everything, but it satisfied my curiosity at least. A few more here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157651314317107/ After visiting I showed OverArch around George Dykes just down the road and took a few highly inappropriate images involving the 'gentlemans reading material' littered around the place.
  3. visited this primary school with @woopashoopaa a nice little school this we visited has we were passing to go to another place so thought it would be worth a look inside and glad we did still a few bits and bobs left lieing around theres not much history about this place so heres a bit I found and then on with the puics..... The long established St John's, Wingates CE Primary & Fourgates County Primary schools were closed in 2004 following amalgamation to form The Gates CP School. The place has remaining untouched for many years after the Bolton Council set up a Family Learning Centre there for a few months but again moved to another building in Bolton City Centre and was put up for sale in 2009 but no buyers were found it remains to be seen wether the building will be knocked down in the near future
  4. AT Primary School. Visited with Stussy. Part of another great weekend up the road. The school taught children from the ages of 3-12 years. Approximately 112 children were taught in the primary section and 30 children in he nursery. Closed it doors for the final time in 2008. Been on my list for quite some time so i was well happy to embark on, what turned out to be a very enjoyable explore. Big thanks to Stussy for the usual great banter.
  5. Don't really want to say too much about this place, as we've been asked not to. Part 2 of the Scotland Weekend Tour..........I had been wanting to do a school for ages, so when we got wind of this we were off!!! Some of the guys went to a farmhouse, and joined up with us later. Thanks to Scattergun Sickbag for expert guidance Unfortunately Stussy didn't make this one A nice relaxed mooch along with...Scattergun Sickbag, Jonathan Tattersall, Peterc4, PROJ3CTM4YH3M, The Baron Of Scotland, Laura StarUe Light & Mr Distopia. On with the show...... Enjoy. Sooooooo True!!! Thanks for looking
  6. This is an edited version of a blog post I made here. A week or two ago, I noticed that someone had managed to get inside a primary school I've been passively keeping an eye on whenever I'm in the area. For some reason, I've never tried particularly hard to get into buildings that are local to me, instead concentrating my efforts on places that take a lot of time to reach. I'm going to work on that, I know of several places nearby that I haven't visited. The school closed in 2008 on its 130th anniversary, during a round of Council spending cuts. It was one of several schools to close in the city, as the Council only received funding for the 22,000 pupils, not its 30,000 spaces. Apparently everyone was given a souvenir mug and dvd, and on the last day each child was given the opportunity to ring the school bell. After taking a fresh, but brief, look at the school myself - on a freezing, snowy day - and failing to see any obvious ways in, I got in touch with the explorer, who turned out to be Stussy, and kindly told me how he'd managed it. Early on Sunday morning, I set off from my girlfriend's house. I'd somehow forgotten to bring the appropriate clothes, so I went out into the 0-degree dawn (colder, factoring the strong wind-chill) without even a jacket, gloves or hat. Holding a metal tripod in those temperatures is painful. Arriving at the school, I quickly made my way inside. All the ground floor doors and windows have been boarded up, so most of the corresponding rooms are pitch black or close to it. Lots of light painting incoming! The first place I stopped was the large hall. I knew it would probably be the brightest part of the building, so it seemed an appropriate place to start. A gym hall, it looks like it may have doubled as a dining hall, mainly because the room I assume to be the dining room/kitchen isn't nearly big enough for the roughly 110 children plus the 30 from nursery that the school taught. The Dining Room(?) itself has a lovely old high, blue ceiling, in contrast to the rest of the building's artificial lowered ceilings. A nice detail in here is how the tables differ in size, presumably because the children's age range is 3 to 12 years (the school also had a nursery). Moving towards the nursery itself, someone had started a fire in a nearby room. It's blackened the walls and ceiling, but thankfully hasn't spread. I can only assume that whoever started the fire put it out themselves, there was no reason for it to go out on its own. Maybe someone was living in here for a while and trying to keep warm? Speaking of keeping warm, I was seriously regretting not bringing a jacket and hat, the building is very cold. The nursery is wonderfully intact. Hardly anything has been taken away, with countless schoolbooks and toys on display. Cupboards full of teaching materials, old VHS tapes (many of which I saw when I was at school), puzzles, building blocks, and arts & crafts things the children had made. Some of the details around the school - such as the 'Medical Room Upstairs' lettering - look like they could be original Victorian. The staircase features beautiful old banisters. The Medical Room itself is the most empty in the entire building. Hopefully everything from there was properly removed when the school closed, and hasn't been stolen since. Following a nice stepped corridor up to the other half of the building, the main corridor of the school is a mess. Looks like people - presumably either pikeys looking to get at the floors, or kids - have thrown most things light enough to carry over the balconies upstairs. There's stuff piled down the entire length of the corridor. I found a nice old camera in amongst all this. Most of the classrooms themselves are practically empty apart from a few tables and chairs. One exception is a classroom I can't quite identify, which (bizarrely) is almost completely untouched. Why this room was spared I don't know. Upstairs, the story is mostly the same as below. Empty classrooms. Only a few tables and chairs remaining. The staff room has quite a few books and things left behind, I guess they weren't worth picking up? The cloakrooms have some nice old Victorian features. Interestingly, the different cloak rooms (boys and girls?) have completely different coat racks. One set clearly newer than the other. Quite the contrast with the toilets, which almost look like Brutalist architecture. Lots of exposed concrete. Last stop, the basement. It was quite extensive, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time down there as I hadn't brought a mask. The air was very very bad, and there's a lot of asbestos in there. Overall a lovely old building, it's very sad it was closed after such a long time. Full set available here.
  7. More stuff from my archive of demolished/converted stuff A very pretty Victorian primary school that was located in the north of the city (hence the name). At some point after closure renovation work was started but then stopped, as far as I am aware this renovation is now totally complete as it restarted not long after this visit. Makes a change from demolition at least! Beneath the grime were some great original features to be seen. Photos not so great as they were taken with my old kit lens which isn't a wide enough angle for me More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157627859024960/
  8. Been pondering whether to bother posting this report, but thought i'd share it anyway, some might find it interesting! This little'ish primary school opened in 1873 with a considerable contribution from a local business man who donated £1400 towards the construction. As the population grew in the local area the school required enlargement and in 1905 this primary school was considerably extended to the front at a cost of £8700. The school closed finally closed it doors due to budget cuts with the pupils moving to a nearby more modern school, the doors finally closed here in 2009. Have had this school on my target list for a long time, but finally found time to get round and do it with my sploring buddy JFR420, entry wasn't too complicated considering the area (its a bit rough), and we were in, but were on a time restriction as JFR had a family meal Inside this place is largely in good condition, there has been some metal thefts, and a little fire started in the oldest part of the building where we found ourselves starting off. Apologies before we start, I always post too many pics!! First big room we came across was the old gym hall.. Classrooms a plenty in this place! Entering a few more doors, there seemed to be quite a few toys left behind! Always wanted one of these air hockey tables, still had the electrics and the pump attached! Evidence of the pikey work and a small fire Plenty of corridors in this place Drawing and painting supplies Old kitchen / Canteen, loved the ceiling in here! Oh look more toys! Cool original old sign Unfortunately at the top of the stairs there was just two boring empty'ish rooms! Cool upstairs link corridor Opened the top doors and F*CK me there was so much SH*T in the corridor, then it dawned on me, most of this sh*t was actually toys! Honestly could have spent hours taking pics of all the toys, but time was pressing on! No explore is complete with a piano! I absolutely loved these sand pits when I was at school! More Classrooms.... Chair shot (kinda ) Time for upstairs Remember the joy when these were brought out!! New broadband!! I actually remember using AOL as my first dial-up software! Actually felt naughty going in here! The conference room if your parents had to be called in I was always in this room at my school! Even had one of these, when they were all the rage!! Had to leave so a quick stop in past to get our coats and school bags Couple more as I was leaving! Sorry for the amount of shit pics, but I can't help myself!! Was a good explore anyway, will have to go back sometime to get more and the basement which was also full of stuff! Thanks for looking!!