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Found 7 results

  1. The Visit This was unfortunately one of them explores that has lots of potential but somehow just doesn't live up to expectations. See what you guys think anyway The History This old school building was designed by the architects Innocent and Brown and opened in 1875. In 2003 the school was moved to a new, purpose-built building on Andover Street, built on the former St Catherine's RC Primary School site. The original school building is now Grade II listed. It stands in a prominent position on the hillside with great views across the city with plans to convert it into apartments.
  2. My personal collection of photos from one of my favorite UE locations, Pyestock. The place dosen't really need any introduction, located in Fleet (UK) it was a gas turbine development site for over 50 years. The largest site of its kind in the world, the power of the air house allowed Concorde's engines to be tested at 2000 mph. Hope you enjoy.. Gone but not forgotten...
  3. Got to say I loved this place as I think most others also did. So much to see and almost guaranteed to bump into a few people. A perfect place to play with torches and flashes to cast some crazy shadows and experiment a bit. 1 A torch placed under the walway to cast the shadows up over the blast nozzle and another torch inside to light up the rear grill. 2 Me sitting in natural light and torches sitting in the rear right hatches. 3 Torches in the hatches each side of me with flash or torch coming from the camera also. 4 Flash fired wirelessly from deep inside the tunnel to light up the huge sphere 5 Stealing Project Mayhems flash here no need to tell you where it was placed. 6 Deep inside cell 4 with Magpie Tommy. Torch on the ground just out of shot. 7 I cant stand light painting so here I am holding a torch as still as possible for thirty seconds 8 Inside cell 3 in total darkness with the doors closed, I pretended to be Batman holding a torch. 9 Torch placed under the walkway and covered with a mountain dew bottle. 10 Here we have "The Mule" sitting inside the nozzle so the sparks all went behind the outer grills. 11 Here is possibly my favourite image I have taken in Pye. Two torches perfectly placed to cast a symmetrical shadow monster on the ceiling. After removing the torches I thought it may look better in portrait. Could I get them back in the right place? Sadly not. Thanks for looking I hope you enjoy.
  4. Final visit to my playground,and it was thee most fun yet..dodging security by ducking behind the pipework was like being a kid again..and I saw lots of new stuff too.Only took the compact camera this time as for once,exploring was the order of the day.Can honestly say this was thee best time I had here...RIP Pyestock,I love ya lots. Under Cell 3 West Expansion loop You have been warned Said Well Under the Exhausters near the Air House I love this colour! Soldiers Cell 2..I think!!! Battle Test House controls Controls Cell 3 West again The lights of Farnborough Spot Orion the constellation Rest in Pieces Pyestock
  5. Hi all, I know its been done to death by so many and as its being demo'd, I know I will never get a third trip in. Never mind. I visited back in November 2011 and then the following November with a large crew of 9, bumping into a few others wandering the cells. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 Thanks for looking, apologies if a little pic heavy for a report.
  6. You all know Pyestock and its illustrious past by now ok..I first visited in 2007 then finally in 2009.I wont bore you all with yet more pics of the various test Cells,but I will share with you,some old pics,some tech drawings that try to explain what actually went here. For those new to Pyestock... But you dont want see these do you.... Lets delve deep into the past ok.. I am betting you might recognise this Air House Air House again Familiar view Plant House Cecca dry air plant What went on in Cells 1 and 2 Controls Cells 1 and 2 Concorde engine RB211 in Cell 3 West Cell 3 West Spot the copter in Cell 3 West And one for you Cell 4 fans Cell 4 And one for the computer fans Well,after reading this manual,I managed to garner some idea of what they did here,but its hard going. Hope this has been of interest to all you Pye fans
  7. Moving on from my previous post here's another school Following the 1870 Education Act, the newly elected Sheffield School Board constructed 39 new schools in the city. Pye Bank School being one of them, designed by the architects Innocent and Brown and constructed in the 'English domestic gothic' style it was opened in 1875 and closed in 2003.