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Found 7 results

  1. Been hitting the countryside a lot lately finding a lot of small explores, so thowing a couple smaller places in one place. First off we have some finds in a old Barn Secondly - The Hilltop Cottage Thirdly - The Fireplace Cottage Fourth - The Cramp Cottage Finally - Lager Cottage Thanks for looking!!
  2. Anyone know what this place is by any chance? Its in liverpool over the water from the docks and shiz i thinks its the wirral way but i really cant be sure! I ve tried to search but im not local or paid enough attention to pin point its location any help would be awesome... Thanks for looking
  3. Not done much exploring recently so thought I would compile some old ones, music is probably the best bit of the vid!
  4. A friend wants to join me on an explore, but he has recently taken full custody over his kids. He's worried that if he's caught it will look bad and threaten his situation. I've explained about the legal situation, but he's concerned still. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and can advise? i.e, been in the same boat and got caught and nothing came from it. I know about the trespass laws, etc. It's about the custody; could it threaten his situation? Thanks guys
  5. Evening all, Yesterday was quite an interesting day. I travelled up on my own and met a mate of mine who came down from Manchester. The first location was totally empty and the internal doors sealed. The panel covering the back door was loose and gave way when I was about 8 foot off the ground hence I took a rather large fall onto the ground. If anyone knows where the "diary keepers cottage/racy lady house" is, then don't bother. Empty and sealed now. I have a bruised lower back but I don't think I've broken anything considering I've had to cart fence panels through the house this morning. Serves me right to eat 3 hot cross buns and coffee at 4am before I left the house The second was the school which we managed no issues, the place was quite wrecked but the stairs was pretty much all that was interesting. The doors to the labs were all sealed tight so we cut our losses and went to the cathedral opposite but it was visitors from 12:30 on Sundays so we moved on. The third was the old Mill "T" which I have done before but Mark hasn't so we went and I think I took about 4 photos that I have yet to process with the exception of the one below. The last one was an old Mill in Puxton that was totally sealed but worth checking even though last report was done at the beginning of 2012. So the sum total of 150 miles is more or less (besides a few edits to go) below. Quite happy with them to be honest so it wasn't a complete waste of a day. But I did feel that the lack of new locations in the UK mean that I may just concentrate on the other aspects of photography I like and leave UE for the bi monthly Eurotours. I may change my mind though as one of the crew has found something very local today that we are checking out over the Easteer bank holiday. Anyway, on with the photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 Thanks for looking in.
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  7. Not really UE but I thought I'd stick it up Hopefully Jesus will put up his pics too, I would say this was a photography exercise, but it really wasn't most of the time mine was on full auto and i wasn't bothering with the view finder hahaha. Point and shoot in the most literal sense I'm still quite proud of the results...