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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Rauceby Video

    Hello Posting this quite some time ago on 28dl, in case people havent seen it, its worth a watch! http://www.simoncornwell.com/urbex/projects/r/videos/rn1.wmv Its 6MB downloadable video, so i dont suggest anyone does it off a mobile.
  2. Rauceby Hospital, originally called Kesteven County Asylum, is a now-defunct mental institution in the parish of Quarrington, Lincolnshire. Building work was commenced in 1897, the facility was completed and opened in 1902. After changing hands and names several times the main hospital building was closed in 1998 and abandoned for several years. From 2004 parts of the site underwent redevelopment to convert it into private housing. At the time the hospital buildings included a chapel (now deconsecrated), two graveyards, a mortuary and various tunnels connecting wards (under the corridors). The hospital was designed by GT Hine, construction began in 1897 and was completed in 1902. Operated by the Kesteven County Council the facility was renamed to Kesteven Mental Hospital in 1924 and to Rauceby Mental Hospital in 1933. In 1940 the building was taken over by the Royal Air Force, renamed as No.4 RAF Hospital Rauceby it became a crash and burns unit under the control of nearby RAF Cranwell. During its tenure as a burns unit plastic surgeon Archibald McIndoe worked at the facility, along with other members of the “Guinea Pig Clubâ€Â. The wartime Burns Unit was situated in Orchard House, built alongside the hospital orchard – one of the last remaining parts of Rauceby Mental Hospital to remain in NHS use as offices for the former Lincolnshire South West PCT following the Mental Health Hospital’s closure in 1998. An isolation hospital, built on the western edge of the site was never used as such; instead it housed those residents working on the farm and now functions as a 12-bedded in-patient unit for age 12–18 years within the child and adolescent mental health services under the control of the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust). The main hall burnt down in 1947 marking the end of RAF control, the NHS took over the site the following year renaming it to Rauceby Hospital and returning patients that had previously been displaced. The South Lincolnshire Community & Mental Health Services NHS Trust closed the main hospital building in 1997, whilst retaining Orchard House as the Trust’s headquarters and Ash Villa on Willoughby Road as a Special School. After standing unused and, with the main building in a deteriorating state of repair, David Wilson Homes began redevelopment work on the site in 2004. Following public consultation, the site and its surroundings (including Rauceby railway station) were officially renamed as Greylees, although the developer continues to refer to the housing development as De Vessey Fields. It looks very similar to the present state of St Mary’s, except not quite as stripped out but nearly. Outlying ward blocks and admin remain with the bits inbetween gone. The Chapel is also still there and unfortunately the 5 foot dummy which was mentioned in a report from earlier this year was no where to be seen. Hello to the two lads who were trying to get in when I left (who were also trying to get in when I got there lol) hope you managed it alright. Sorry but had to chuckle when I saw your proposed method of entry as that was a one way ticket with no return trip! Up first was the Chapel 1 2 3 Still has the bed inside it, quite why its there I don’t know 4 5 Onto the asylum buildings 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 The lift to Hell…. 22 23 [ 24 Finally the greenhouse Thanks for looking!
  3. Orchard House, Rauceby Hospital (Kesteven County Asylum) In 1953 Orchard House, which opened in 1939 as an admissions Unit, was in fact a separate hospital. In contrast to the custodial approach of the main hospital it was run as an open hospital. The patients were primarily referred from out patient clinics and were classified as voluntary patients. They wore their own cloths, went home at weekends and were encouraged to organize their own entertainment. Doors were not locked except at night. Male and female patients mixed freely as far as the old fashioned layout of the wards would allow. Physical treatments such as ECT, modified insulin therapy and deep insulin coma therapy were practiced. The main emphasis, however, was on the treatment of depressions, neurosis, sexual problems, alcoholism and drug independence. To this end techniques such as abreacttive therapy using intravenous and general anesthetics, individual and group psychotherapy, psycho-drama and hypno-analysis were used. With the introduction of new drug treatment the distinction between the clientele of the main hospital and Orchard House became less noticeable. Patients suffering from acute schizophrenic and manic-depressive illnesses rapidly responded to the new drugs available (e.g. phenothiazenes and lithium carbonate) The policy of closure of the mental hospitals and the emphasis on Community Care meant that as Rauceby Hospital followed the schedule laid down for its own closure Orchard House became surplus to requirements. Subsequently in 1987 it was handed over to the Area Health Authority to provide a centre for clerical and community use thus ending fifty years of service to the mentally sick. Until its finally closure in 2011. The above was taken from www.raucebyhospital.8m.com/custom.html which gives an excellent history of Rauceby Hospital. I have visited Orchard House on two occasions, the first was in the pitch black late at night and no photos were taken as torches were at a minimum to avoid being seen from the houses overlooking the site. On the return visit it was at a better time of day and sunlight was flooding in the windows, creating a whole different atmosphere. Having seen the sign on the wall on both occasions which reads: “Per Ardua ad Astra” For the ghosts “Bert and The Maid – Top Floor” “Merry Christmas” + God Bless + To the old Orchard House residents From the NHS Dec 2011 Per Ardua ad Astra (“Through adversity to the stars” or “Through struggle to the stars”) is the motto of the RAF and other commonwealth air forces, I didn’t really get the connection here, but what I did get was the fact that once I had explored the left hand wing (as your facing the building from the front) and was backtracking to go along the other end, some of the doors I had closed behind me on the way were somehow now open, giving me two options. Either Bert and The Maid had come down from the top floor to say hello, or someone else was in the building. I made the decision to leave and head up to the main asylum as it was a lone explore, unfortunately thereby missing half of the building. But, you never know I might be down that way again sometime so there’s a possibility of a revisit later in the future. Enjoy the show! 1 The sign next to the door reads “Lincolnshire Teaching Primary Care Trust, Orchard House, Trust Headquarters” 2 3 4 5 6 7 View to the main entrance 8 I don’t know what will happen to Bert and The Maid once this place goes, ideas anyone? 9 10 I knew I shouldn’t have had that curry the night before 11 12 Room of Death! or so the writing on the wall claims…. 13 14 What to do in case of a fire, interestingly it shows at the top a plan of the west wing of the building 15 16 17 18 19 20 Thanks again for viewing!