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Found 7 results

  1. Whilst on a trip to Scotland.me and missy visited this old church.cant find any history on it.but it is defiantly very decayed now.just a "T" shaped main room.and a little extension out back for making tea and a toilet.the light and colours in here were lovely.with some beautiful light coming through.the church floor was littered in bird crap and lots of dead crows.surprisingly not pigeons as there usually is..the tower steps were collapsed in so no getting up there sadly.
  2. This is a little church in Essex, has been redundant for quite some time. By the looks of it no one has been in there for a while as the dust was building up, to say my OCD was coming in to effect was a bit of an understatement, I just wanted to get my feather duster out and give it a polish up. Now looked after by the conservation trust people, whoever they are but being pretty desolate I don't think it gets much attention. The grounds were quite unkempt too. Anyway, this is a little place I had found not long before, I liked the look of it and with having a few hours to spare decided to crack on and see what it was like in the flesh. Parked the car up quite far away as the main road to it wasn't suitable for my stupidly lowered car, again! Got my stuff together for a little walk, had my google earth on so I knew where I was going and reached a foresty area. Looked pretty dense, started walking through, all the time I am texting my boyfriend too. Then I came across a sign "No access beyond this point - LIVE SHOOTING IN PROGRESS" ... The inner kid in me got a bit excited. I texted him and told him I had to walk through a rifle range, I don't think he quite believed me until I sent the picture I think this worried him a little so I told him I would pretend to be a bush :D Got through the dense shit, looked up, made sure it was clear and fucking legged it!! It wasn't too far but fuck was my heart beating. The church was only 5 or so minutes walk out of the other side so I was almost there. Got inside, got my camera out, left the camera cards on the seat of my car Had to go back through the range, forgetting completely about the road that run along side of it which I couldn't get my car down. Time was running out and I didn't care much for the sump on my car and drove it back down that road to the church. I finally made it inside with a camera I could use. There is NEVER a dull moment haha! Moral of the story, don't be a twat and remember the road runs right up to it!! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  3. Not sure what to say about this one... No idea about the history or really what it was! Family home? Religious order of some sort? One part looked like it could've been used for a shop... Maybe one of our Euro counterparts could throw some light on it...All I know is its BLOODY LOVELY!!! ...Cenobium B... As always... Thanks for taking a look!
  4. Off to Europe again! Belgium, Luxembourg and a bit of France thrown in for good measure... Met up with that Oldskool fella and kicked off the exploratory proceedings with this fantastic church... and a bacon n egg sarnie... ...Raven Church... Thanks for lookin'... More up soon...
  5. NK discovered this place last year, but we were thwarted in our initial attempts by thick summer brambles and impenetrable boarding!! Fast forward a few months and a couple of pictures pop up on FB... WHAAAT!!?? WELLIES ON SHORT ROUND, LETS GO!! 'Raiders of the lost Ark' No deadly booby traps or giant rolling death boulders to hinder our entry, but there was a table against the access point which needed shifting! And it was quite heavy!! A crackin mooch for a Saturday morning! And ended up with some unexpected company... Nice to see ya lads!! Right... On with the pics which, as usual, are from the pair of us... ENJOY!! Well, there you have it... Thanks for lookin yow lot!!
  6. Was heading over to the infamous James turner street for a good old gorp...must say we did have a giggle. We then went over to St Mary's and St joseph's care home in Coleshill. Yet again a moon lit visit and my compact cam which is dyer! Sorry guys I did my best. Father Hudson was the founder of Father Hudson's Society. This charitable organization was dedicated to the care of many thousands of children in desperate need in the Midlands region of England, and it still operates to this day. Father Hudson was born in 1873 in Worcestershire. He was ordained a priest on 1 November 1898. From his earliest days in the small parish in Brum, Father Hudson formulated ideas to reach out and help destitute children. The Bishop knew of Father Hudson's ideas and so asked him to undertake the rescuing of the children for the Diocese of Brum. The Brum Diocesan Rescue Society was formally set up in 1902. It became known as "Father Hudson's Homes" since he was the driving force behind the operation. Father Hudson remained at Brum from 1898 to 1934. During that time it grew and expanded including St Vincent's, a home for working boys, St. Edward's Boys Home and St. Gerard's Hospital for children. St George's & St James's cottage working home for boys. Father Hudson retired in 1934 due to ill health and in 1936 he died. He is buried in the grounds of the Society in Brum. More recent history 1957: Paedophile priest Eric T becomes assistant administrator at the Brum home and remains there until 1965. ] 1975: Eric T fined pounds 250 by Worcester magistrates after admitting five indecent assaults on boys while a parish priest in the Warndon area. 1988: All Father H’s homes closed as residential units for children. Although Father H's Society still carries out social work from its base in Brum. 1997: Eric T worked as a supply priest until 1996 before moving to Austria. It was during a visit home that he was arrested in February. 1998: Eric T found guilty of 16 indecent assaults and two other serious sex offences, between 1957 and 1965, and sentenced to seven years jail. 1999: Police inquiry opened but later closed into allegations that a was beaten to death at the Brum home in the 1950s. [ 2001: Eric T dies in Risley Prison, near Warrington, aged 81. 2008: A new victim comes forward for first time to tell of abuse at the Brum home and shed light on the murder allegations. big thanks for looking theres more complex to go back and see yet.so watch this space..,.................
  7. 12 months or so ago me n NK saw this place pop up elsewhere on t'interweb and immediately wanted it, BADLY!! But all our research was to no avail and after a few months of red herrings and head scratching we tucked it away in the back of our minds and got on with other moochings... And then it pops up again... Cue some frantic research activity from the wellied wonder (she's very good at it!!) and BOOM!! There it is!! RESULT!!! Instantly all the previous plans for the weekend go out the window, we're in the motor and tearing up the tarmac at some ungodly hour, pouring strong coffee down our necks and chugging on roll ups all in the name of... ...Working up a sweat for the baby Jesus... We must aplologise in advance for the ridiculous amount of photos here!! It was VERY hard for the pair of us to choose which ones to use so we're chuckin loads at ya!!! As always... Thanks for lookin...