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Found 5 results

  1. Situated on a main road from England into Wales this place shut down back in 2012 when a number of the restaurants were closed, it's been empty ever since. Seemingly well secured I never investigated until I passed early this year and noticed the front door was wide open. Being recently shut it was in relatively good nick, but the back door had in fact been knocked in some time ago. I didn't stay too long as it's quite open but took the time to get as many snaps as I dared. I'm glad I did, a couple of weeks after the doors and windows were sealed shut and boarded up. Thanks for looking.
  2. My first repo on here! Once upon a time, near a big city there was this big wealthy hotel/restaurant, full of chique guests, expensive food such as lobster and glamorous rooms. After the business went bankrupt, the owners couldn't find anyone who had interest to buy it from them. So now, nature is slowly taking over the grounds again. The exploring itself: After tumbling into the basement (I'm gracefull like that.. ) , we came into this huge wine cellar. Now let me tell you, I absolutely don't like basements, I always try my best to avoid them when I don't need to be in there. When we finally got upstairs, I was kinda suprised how dark some parts of the building were, while other couldn't be more open and alight. I absolutely loved what was left of the old glamour. When we were about to leave the building, the rest of our team wanted to go down the basement one last time, so I moved along on my own a little bit.. they came out a little bit creeped out but still laughing, apparently they came across another man down there; whose only words there: This would be perfect for SM. And disappeared Loved this part with the little wedding-ish look! Detail from the ceiling of the previous picture The corridor to the guest rooms. And last but not least; A picture of the wine cellar!
  3. Hi everybody! First of all SORRY for not posting for a long time. I've been a little bussy this months... I'm very glad to share with you my last report, an abandoned medieval restaurant. A little place, but with a lot of stuff. Hope you enjoy! Regards, Mumi
  4. Was not sure what to post next but in the end decided on this one. Every year I have meetings in Rugby, I had noticed the last time it had been burnt down, so when I had to go back in October and luckily we had a early finish I decided to take a look. Those who know where this is, its on the side of a very busy duel carriageway, I had to drive to the next roundabout and then go back on myself for quite a few miles. The first thing I saw were the large fake palm trees so that's why I called it "The Palm Restaurant" Its was the Dun Cow public house at first, then a night club and last going off a oriental buffet. I nearly gave up and drove off as I could not find access, then by chance I found a tight squeeze and got into the car park. It was a little burnt but still had some good stuff left so I hope you like it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157636632147413/ Hope its not too crisp for you thanks for looking
  5. An abandoned chinese restaurant in Belgium. The place suffered a lot... Thanks for looking!