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Found 21 results

  1. How to post a report using Flickr Flickr seems to change every time the wind changes direction so here's a quick guide on how to use it to post a report... Step 1 - Explore and take pictures Step 2 - Upload your chosen pictures to Flickr like this.. Step 3 - Once your images are successfully uploaded to flickr choose a category for the location that you have visited... Step 4 - Then "Start New Topic".. You will then see this screen... Step 5 - Now you are ready to add the image "links", known as "BBcodes", which allow your images to display correctly on forums.. Step 6 - Then click "select" followed by "view on photo page".. Now select "Share" shown below.. Step 7-13 - You will then see this screen... Just repeat those steps for each image until you're happy with your report and click "submit topic"! You can edit your report for 24 hours after posting to correct errors. If you notice a mistake outside of this window contact a moderator and they will happily rectify the problem for you
  2. My visit Visited with Southside Assassin, thanks to him for the nice day out Roasting hot day and I mean roasting, Southside and I decided on a little mooch over to Cheddington again, I had missed a fair few bits of the base so wanted to go back, we stopped by the ROC post, my first ROC post and even though it was trashed it was nice to get one under my belt as most local ones have been destroyed or filled in Thanks for looking!
  3. Been a few weeks, but thought I would post this little gem Went exploring with a non member and met up with stussy. cheers The Baron
  4. Before I start hitting the road and getting back out there, one from happier times! Clydach ROC is about 6 miles outside of Swansea. A few forum members have been there and there are pictures on here. These were taken on my old bridge S8000, 4 second exposure FTW Just myself on this one. I recall being in the post when a low flying Jet went overhead, nails home exactly why these things were built. Crown soap - There you are. Thanks for dropping in for a peek Barracuda.
  5. finanly i found an open post i was rather exited the farmer caught us walking on his land and said we could even look in there nice guy easily repairable post tho just needs the weight put on and a bit bent back did have a go at putting down the lid but to no avail any way on with the pics this post looks burnt out but its not inside very weird still a few bits and bobs down there. just near buy there some ruins and this little building
  6. After seeing the posts on here of the other ROC Posts and been a bit of a ROC Virgin I thought I would look into this a little bit more and try and visit a post for myself. This is the little bit of history I know on this particular post. “The post was originally closed in 1968 but was reopened shortly after in 1976 (I was 3 then ) when the nearby post of Blean closed.� The post itself is in amazing condition (Apart from the massive cob web as you enter ) and I feel that this is due to the fact that the post is locked and on private land within close range of at least 3 houses. Not knowing too much about the exact location of the post I knocked on the first door I came to and hit the Jackpot. I was shown the exterior first then asked to comeback in half an hour so as the land owner could unlock the site and try to open the rusty hatch. Luckily for me he did and I was shown into the post by the landowners son who was very helpful. Thanks goes to the landowner and his family for offering to show me the post. Anyway time for the pics
  7. Woop woop! First one that was open, I had previously tied one near Donnington and one in Gnosall to find welded lids... Seriously overgrown it took me over 20 mins to get the brambles off the sucker. Has a geocache in it and was flooded an inch. I laced the brambles back over so hopefully the recovering will help to contain the flooding. This one had a drain and a stop cock in it. Ill be honest I don't know whether thats the norm but I havent recalled seeing any in others' photos so far geocache Despite having a wussy tag a long a had some company down there...
  8. Opened in 1959 and closed in 1991, it's an absolutely fantastic ROC post, with many original features intact. It was quite the cold evening and my second outing with a DSLR which i thoroughly enjoyed, here are a few pictures from my visit. The hatch and all the surface features remain intact although the beige paint is flaking: The view from down below, looking up, on a starry starry night: Internally, it's absolutely fantastic and many original features remain, although display boards, accompanied by photographs detailing the history of the Royal Observer Corps indicate this post has had open day/'s.
  9. 2013: Ive no idea if this is still here, if you do go, please ring the bell on the gates and ask, we were busted here and the couple were very pleasant people but concerned. 2009: To those non-British, we have hundreds of these undeground bunkers built around the United Kingdom, as monitoring stations for the Cold War, some were built in 1951 and closed in 1968, and others built in 1959 and closed in 1991. There was provisions for 2 - 4 people to live for two weeks should a nuclear strike happen in the UK. Messages could be relayed across the globe, sending out information on the strikes! This post is pretty original, even has christmas and birthday cards down there! Really good nick, no water or chav damage. Opened: 1959 Decommisioned: 1991 (The blue new looking Bungee is mine
  10. 2013: As far as I know this is still here 2009: To those non-British, we have hundreds of these undeground bunkers built around the United Kingdom, as monitoring stations for the Cold War, some were built in 1951 and closed in 1968, and others built in 1959 and closed in 1991. There was provisions for 2 - 4 people to live for two weeks should a nuclear strike happen in the UK. Messages could be relayed across the globe, sending out information on the strikes! Opened: 1959 Decommisioned: 1991 Post in fairly good nick, but full of scary looking, white fluff! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  11. Loved my day here..visited with the late great DHL who prior to this had made me trudge thru Middleton mine..feeling fooked,he said he just had to show me Brassington,and I am so glad he did..the man was a diamond and I do miss him... No history but as per ROC Post general history,this closed circa 1991,but this post was slightly different due to having an Obs post building on site. Some pics Very isolated position indeedy The Obs building Hairy climb So bleak Dave,I am glad to have met you,but I do miss our chats..rest easy mate.
  12. desided to go a hunt for this one as its local to me but after finding it and opening it we found that it was chest high in water but smmed to have a few things still down there (sorry for the quality of the photos but i sont had my iPhone) *(if there's any spelling/grammar mistakes sorry about that but is my dyslexic )* the hatch was almost rusted shut
  13. don't know any real infomation about this site apart from it was surprisingly dry down there! full set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/samcain/se ... 501894700/
  14. after a rather long walk with 12 gauge we found a sealed roc post were slightly annoyed as i was told it was open in good condition from the outside.
  15. On our way up to a rally on the Epynt Ranges (yeah, the one with the Toyota Sunbeam crash - we saw it happen and actually helped the driver (Darren Pool) out of the car), Hood_mad spotted this ROC post up on a small rise on the outskirts of Sennybridge. We parked the evo up and wandered over to take a look. It was quite trashed, the lid looks secure (but isn't) and there was a bit of water on the floor. This time, it was just Hood_mad and myself. Subbrit report HERE View from afar. (1) (2) FSM shaft & ventilation (3) Down the hatch. (4) Inside. (5) (6) Not much there, but another one ticked off the list.
  16. This site is in amazing condition and although this was a tour, the lady showing us around was more than happy for us to take some time to take photos. Most of the smaller items have been removed to a ROC museum, alot of the larger items such as generators remain. The generators apparently still work. After reading other posts on ROC Posts and seeing one for myself not too long ago it was amazing to see where theses posts reported back to. One of the guides was also an ex BT engineer who worked at the HQ. This particular site was capable of housing up to 70 people, with enough stores for them to stay in the bunker for one month Extract from Sub Brit - EXTANT 57 London Road was originally in civilian occupation and named `Fairlawns'. The property was requisitioned in 1939 as a new headquarters for No.1 Group of the Royal Observer Corps, who had previously been stationed in rooms above Maidstone Post Office. An operations room was built in the house using the ground floor and basement. Fairlawns was in use throughout the war until stand down. In the 1950s Fairlawns was relegated to being a training centre for the group control at Beckenham (19 Group). In 1961 a new semi-sunk control was built to the rear of Fairlawns with administration located in the house. Beckenham was then relegated to being training centre for 1 Group at Maidstone. The former 19 Group HQ at Dura Den, Park Place, Beckenham was absorbed into No. 1 Group in 1953 but was retained for as a secondary training centre until 1968 In 1976 Fairlawns was renamed Ashmore House in memory of the Corps' founder Major Ashmore. On closure Ashmore House and the bunker behind was sold to a local solicitors. Maidstone 1 One of the latches on the main door Thanks for the warning Looking down to the second level Door to the plant room Smoke/Air Scrubber BT equipment room Looking back from the BT equipment room back to the plant room
  17. Visited with hood_mad and guided round by captain slow. I've wanted to do this for ages because it's basically right on my doorstep. The history has been done many times before, so I'll just add my photos to the list. The main room. Strip light. Backup light. Gauge. Air vent. Lock for vent. Siren box. Thanks to CS for showing us around. J.
  18. Nice post, and nice roc post...well a lot better than most anyway.
  19. my first attempt at an roc post with 12 gauge spent around an hour striipping the folage back was cool to see tho
  20. another roc post capped with a lump of concrete no access
  21. Hood_mad saw this one on one of his drives and rang Dangerous Dave (BB) and Me to meet him there. I managed to trace the location to this report from subbrit. http://www.subbrit.org.uk/cgi-bin/webdata_roc.pl?fid=987344666&query=pagenum%3D1%26cgifunction%3DSearch%26County%3DPembrokeshire&cgifunction=form An Orlit B stands next to the road with communications aerials mounted near the side of the building. It houses equipment for an amateur radio repeater station which is still in use. The front main entrance is bricked up, but if you climb up to the top, you will find another door hidden from view, which is padlocked shut and also a ladder. Basically a standard ROC post, built in 1960 and closed in 1968, it has still got its original twin wire telephone line. Upon descent, Dave found that there was more water in the post than was reported on subbrit. just under rigger boot depth actually so he had to move very very slowly. Just a quick explore on a small site. I must have walked/drove past this post hundreds of times between pembroke dock and tenby. Cheers for looking, J.