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Found 9 results

  1. A cool night of climbing in Sheff with @-Raz- and a none member Butters Taken from the roof of Park Hill Flats Bit of History; The Cathedral Church of St Marie is the Roman Catholic cathedral in Sheffield, England. It lies in a slightly hidden location, just off the main shopping street in the city, but signals its presence with a 220ft tall spire. St Marie’s was completed in 1850 and opened on 11 September. Building the church cost more than £10,500 – a huge sum in those days – and it was not until 1889 that the church was free from debt. The Parish of St Marie’s, which covered the whole of Sheffield, became part of the Diocese of Beverley when Catholic diocese were re-established for the first time since the Reformation in 1850. In 1902 a new presbytery, now known as Cathedral House, was opened. During the Second World War a bomb blew out stained glass windows in the Blessed Sacrament chapel. The remaining windows were removed and stored in a shaft at Nunnery Colliery. The mine flooded during the war, the glass sunk in mud and drawings for re‑creating the windows were destroyed, however it was still possible to re-install the windows in 1947. When St Marie’s was re-ordered in 1970, following Vatican II, dark woodwork was removed and new lighting and benches were installed. In 1972, a new altar, allowing mass to be celebrated versus populum, was consecrated by Bishop Gerald Moverley, auxiliary Bishop of Leeds. The church building has been a Grade II listed building since 1973. On 30 May 1980 the new diocese of Hallam was created and St. Marie’s became a cathedral. Bishop Moverley was installed as its first bishop and served until his death in 1996. The Explore; So on a cold and windy Sunday night, having just ot my car back from repair, it was decided that this needed to be done. Parking on Park Hill we made our way to the roof for a quick warm up which turned out to be a cool down as it was fking freezing. A few quick shots from the top and we headed on down, but before leaving we popped our heads into the service tunnels, but i have a video of this so i'll leave that for another report Fast foward an hour, we are sat in McDonalds after having been foiled by passing pedestrians. Wolfing down burgers and sipping at those Vanilla Latte things they do which are simply brilliant! Enough about food. We arrive outside the church and its all quiet, so over the fence we go, pausing only on the other side for a man to pass by and we remain unnoticed. A few flights of stairs and we hit the roof, to find some people on the ground looking curiously at the fence, but they soon move on. Then came the punishing part, more ladders than i cared to count. Cold enough that your hards are numb within seconds and the higher we went the worse it got. As did the wind, as we neared the top we could feel the whole structure swaying beneath us in the breeze. Great fun. From the top we noticed 3 figures on a nearby rooftop, closer inspection reveals them to be the guys who were checking the Cathedral out as we were on the roof! Whoever you were boys, a pleasure to meet you And heres the pics; Thanks for looking
  2. Visited both these place after travelling down to London the night before the kent meetup I had always wanted to see London from the rooftops with my own eyes and it did not disappoint! much better than the rubbish views I had seen in Leeds and Sheffield! Thanks to The Raw and Extreme Ironing for showing us these 2 and thanks again to The Raw for letting us crash at his house! Cheers for looking
  3. Dawn broke on my first full day in Chicago and the weather was absolutely biblical. Rain lashing down across most of the city in a torrent. Not good for exploring, or doing anything in really. A couple of my exploring friends had travelled across from Buffalo in upstate New York to meet me for the first weekend, and there is a running joke between me and them that whenever I meet up with them, the weather is absolutely awful. That day did nothing to dispel the joke, so we settled in for some breakfast near our first rooftop target. Luckily the weather cleared up, and the sun came out, so we cracked on. The first rooftop is a 38-storey mixed use tower, very much occupied and in use which creates the challenge of making your way past the security/receptionist stations without looking too suspect, carrying bags and tripods LOL. I don't normally do rooftops or high things, you can normally find me poking around factories and stuff so this was a pretty new experience for me. But an enjoyable one no less. Beneath the glass dome was the building's swimming pool, with one or two people in it at the time At the end of the day after our various misadventures elsewhere, we decided to take in the sunset on another rooftop. A much taller one this time, standing at 60 storeys tall. The view was incredible. After that, we went to get some well deserved food and made preparations for the next day Thanks for looking.
  4. Hello all, Leeds from above in various locations, styles and quality thanks to Facebook Enjoy!! Thanks for looking
  5. Evening All. Hope you are all well. Ive had a fair bit of spare time recently so ive been hitting some of London rooftops for the best views around. This rooftop was one of my faves to date. Visited with 2 non members London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr London Rooftops by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr Sorry for the amount of Selfies but you just cant help in when you are on a rooftop Thanks for looking Dirtyjigsaw
  6. Pripyat is a ghost town in northern Ukraine, near the border with Belarus. Named after the nearby Pripyat River, Pripyat was founded on 4 February 1970, the ninth nuclear city in the Soviet Union, for the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It was officially proclaimed a city in 1979, and had grown to a population of 49,360 before being evacuated a few days after the 26 April 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Though Pripyat is located within the administrative district of Ivankiv Raion, the abandoned city now has a special status within the larger Kiev Oblast (province), being administered directly from Kiev. Pripyat is also supervised by Ukraine's Ministry of Emergencies, which manages activities for the entire Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. We took a look around in some of the apartment blocks, there were some random bits of furniture here and there but mostly empty flats rotting away. The real highlight was the view from the rooftops overlooking the silent town of Pripyat with the Chernobyl power plant in the background. It's a spectacle that you will never forget, a town once home to 50,000 people now overgrown with trees and nothing but the whistling of the wind to break the silence. Well, with the exception of us burping, farting, laughing and swearing for three days Took these pictures from two different rooftops. Saw a few of these paintings dotted around Trashed flat with bits of furniture Piano in a flat The hospital with the sarcophagus covering reactor 4 in the background More artwork The ferris wheel in the distance One of the tallest buildings in Pripyat, it was from here that people watched the multicoloured plume of burning blue, yellow and green fire from the reactor light up the night sky, unaware they were receiving a potentially lethal dose of radiation. Power plant covered with a sarcophagus to contain the mess Throughout Eastern Europe symbols of the Soviet Union have been torn down, but in Pripyat, where the year is still 1986, the wreathed hammer, sickle and star of the USSR still adorns buildings (on the left of shot). Looking down The sunset Empty streets Thanks for looking
  7. Just an assortment of some photos taken of Londons November Night sky a few weeks back. The weather sucked that night. Visited with MrDan and Jess Norgrove #1 #2 #3 - RAIN! #4 #5 #6 - DAMN CRANE! More At: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/sets/72157646918162613/
  8. Massive thanks to NickUK, Gone and Mortal Decay. Renaissance Premier Inn Millennium Tower - Salford S1 - Oxford Road Thought id add a self portrait to finish off Thanks for looking ThisIsMore
  9. Some photos I took today on the roofs of Nottingham, as well as some Architectural Photography from around Nottingham Mrs Shadow hehe (aka Shadette) Hope you like, Peace, Out. Shadow