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Found 5 results

  1. Last year we tried to get in Scarborough sports centre but they have seriously locked that place up tight, nothing on the roof, no tunnels or anything.So we just made a short video of the outside. Today I went back with the newest member of our URBEX team, the drone and got some higher up shots. Here are the photos from the drone...
  2. Unless you've been to Scarborough you've probably never heard of Peasholm Park. They are currently demolishing the old boat house as it was dangerous. The Chinese gardens at the top never seem to be open so while the water is drained I got in. Bad idea was trying to walk across the pond bed, the mud was so deep my leg just sank and I almost got stuck. They made it easy to get around the big locked gate and up on to the bridge. I got some photos from the top looking down.
  3. History; The Futurist was the 12th largest capacity theatre in the country being able to seat 2,155 people. It is a theatre and a cinema based in Scarborough, on the sea front of South Bay. Futurist closed in 2014 on the 6th of January due to the operator's lease expiring. The theatre was built in 1921 and remained the same until 1958 when the theatre was extended to allow live performers at the location. In the 1980's Scarborough Council took over the theatre and handed the lease to Apollo Leisure who then ran the theatre till 2002! In December 2002 the operator of the nearby cinema, Hollywood Plaza took over the theatre and refurbished it, installing new projectors and sounds systems. Until 2014 when it closed. Explore; Explored with @SpiderMonkey and @AndyK!. Whilst visiting for a weekend, we decided to go for an explore up North, which turned into 3. However, our first stop was Scarborough, early wake up call and a few hours trip we were there. After many look arounds for an easy access and trying to avoid the people in the flats next door and the homeless man sleeping just outside the main entrance we found access and we were in. This was a great explore, and even better when we found out the lights still worked after switching all the switches we could find. Unfortunatley I don't have many photo's due to my tripod being useless at the time. Stage. Seating Booth. Stand. B. Projector. Projectors. From the Top. E,D,C. One of those Generic " I'm a photographer" shots modelled by SpiderMonkey. Ad Board. Stage. Thanks for looking, ! JP.
  4. Built in 1921, the Futurist Theatre was a theatre and cinema in Scarborough, England. The large auditorium has a seating capacity of 2155 people – the twelfth largest in the UK. Originally opening as a cinema, the stage was extended in 1958 to allow live performances at the venue. The Beatles performed twice in 1963-4 and many other large shows were staged there. Then and now - how much nicer was that exterior before the cladding! The local council took over the theatre in the 1980s and leased the premises to Apollo Leisure until 2002. The lease was then taken over by the same owners of the nearby Hollywood Plaza cinema, who fully refurbished the theatre, installed new projectors, sound system and screen. By 2013 the theatre was struggling and the leaseholder pulled out. The council were unable to find another operator, forcing the Futurist to close in January 2014. Visited with SpiderMonkey and Jamie_P. The old exterior is still there, hidden behind the awful cladding.
  5. well had a week in Scarborough and most of it was spent underground in several mines from jet to iron stone etc, by night well its below.....