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Found 7 results

  1. apologies for being absent for some time, wont go into it here but really wanted to make the effort and share this Not much to say, or want to say Not sure how long she will be doable but really enjoyed it, so much so that Baron Jnr(s) wanted to see it after I had been so I had to take them GROUP SHOT Cheers The Baron
  2. I've been concentrating on mines lately, here's some of the ones I've visited over the past month. They're a mixture of Ironstone, Limestone, Copper and Shale: Visited either on my own or with Pyroninja, Scottiedog, Kachangas, Dave T, Keith Pratt and Stussy. For some reason the enter button doesn't seem to work on here. Any chance a mod could add in a space between the pictures?
  3. Part of the tour of scotland this place was huge and kept on giving:
  4. First part here http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/5527-Scottish-Hospital-June-2013 I had too many shots to not post a second helping Cheers
  5. This was a brilliant explore, 5 guys from down south came up and I had a great day playing Saying nothing about this location except its huge !! 6 hours and there was still more On with the pics Ok, this is when we found approx 500-1000 medical cards in a basement, I`m only posting one pic, I personally found it fascinating to read them Cheers THE BARON
  6. A stunning little Church in the country side of Belgium ...although a little drab on first appearance because of the lack of light and a miserable day outside (doom and gloom)....This little gem turned out to be a winner 1. 2. Visited with Critical Mess, Odbin Ravin and Coughed Up...... 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Thanks for looking .....Mr.Oldskool
  7. Visited here with Lost after a epic failure (me tripping of a PIR) at a rather nice location a few miles away, we arrived at this place, not the most pretty, but for the one room in this place it will make me go back for sure! Not posting any of the history of this place, but this Jute and Flax mill closed around the mid 70's and has laid idle since, pretty much unchavved execpt the odd broken window. The entry route we had planned was no longer viable as the river was in full surge with all the snow melt, it was mental how fast it was flowing! No machines left unfortunately, but still nice rooms kicking about. Now for some of the interesting things left behind My lil featherless friend Some old batteries Pay attention to the signs Prizes maybe handed out if people can tell me what some of these things are!! Aladdin Gas Heaters Holiday Pay slips from 1959-1960 Couldn't find the usb socket in this Loads of old accounts, letters, magazines, CV's No idea what was in this bottle There was a large array of humidity and moisture testers Speedy Moisture Tester A couple more of the testers and readers Stick em up Actually have no idea what this is Or this Some sort of amp / voltage tester I think First Aid to the rescue Travel permit of the Mills owner! Smallpox vaccination! Sorry for the amount of pics, but I could keep going with more and more. Was too much to take pics of so will defo be heading back!