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Found 1 result

  1. Selly Oak Hospital The Explore An early start as always, setting off from Lincoln about 04:45am and arrived at the first location of the day a couple of hours and a lay-by poo later. Met with Fatpanda and Raz and made for our access, good to meet you guys. Narrowly avoided a couple of secca men who either seen us and decided to ignore us or didn't spot us hiding in the bushes. We'll never know... The History Selly Oak Hospital was well renowned for the trauma care it provided and had one of the best burns units in the country. It was also home to the Royal Centre for Defence medicine, which cared for injured service men and women from conflict zones, as well as training service medical staff in preparation for working in such areas. In 2007 the hospital appeared in national newspapers with stories of servicemen being verbally abused in the hospital by members of the public opposed to the Iraq war. There were also difficulties reported when Jeremy Clarkson went to the hospital to give gifts to the wounded serviceman. A report published by the House of Commons Defence Select Committee blamed the allegations against the hospital on a smear campaign by a bunch of so-called 'British' scumbags and praised the clinical care provided to military patients. The hospital closed in 2012 upon completion of the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Relocation of the first services from Selly Oak began during the summer of 2010 when its A+E department moved to the new Q.E. Hospital on 16 June and over the next 7 days Critical Care and other departments moved step-by-step the 1.5 miles to the new hospital. On average one inpatient was moved every 5 minutes between 7 am and early evening each day... The Pictures 1. 2. We used this to navigate around... 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9/10. 11. Small Chapel Area.. 12. Body fridges.. 13. Pathology Room or Morgue Area... 14. 15. Very much enjoyed my visit here. We went in the main hospital area and the pathology building, however there are multiple other buildings and areas which we didn't explore. I think the location still has a bit more to give so get your asses over there! As always thanks for looking and feedback always appreciated