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Found 2 results

  1. Sidedraft is one of 7 culverts along the Gore brook,well so it seems from checking a few reports.There is an overflow from the sewer and a lovely chamber to stand on to look down on the flow of teh poops.. Have to say the water in parts wast fast moving which made the walk down easy enough but a fucker on the ankles with the stones underfoot,then coming back was a right bugger struggling along the flow.All in all i enjoyed this one,thanks again to Paul for the company and lols in this one! Pictures .. Going in after a lovely slide down the mangled metal covering the entrance It amazes me just how much shit people throw away and into water that ends up in these places Fisheye should have been deployed but it was a case of CBA so it is what it is! Many spider egg sacks and much fly in this place which i was informed by paul the flies love headtorches so i got a lot in what's left of my teeth Cant remember what order if any the rest of these are in i seem to have spent a lot of time in various drains so it has all blurred in my memory The reason this has it's name is this pipe going up the side as far as i know. Pauls big boy torch lighting the rear which i kindly stole the light from cos im a laxy twunt like that at times last few then im done.. The way out ..yet another drain done and then on to the next.. Obligatory drain pose Cos it's what all the cool kids do
  2. Hello All After deciding to either put our waders on outside someones house, or try to get them on while the local youth are around us, we made our entrance about 20 minutes after! The entrance was quite easy, upon exit the water had decided to enter mine and and a non members waders - Another Non member decided to take a swim with his camera about 15 minutes previous . . . . . Some tilt - Some people hate, some people like - I like annoying the people who hate by using it Another good way to kill an hour