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Found 4 results

  1. Sandwell College, Smethwick, Birmingham – Nov ‘15 So I was incredibly late to this one! The what was once gorgeous and lovely has been turned to crap by a bunch of people who quite frankly this world could do with out. Wastes of spaces and wastes of mine and yours money. There we go, I digress. Visited with SouthSide after a whole day of pure fail in the City of Birmingham. This place was superb a number of years ago but has suffered horribly and has little, but some redeeming features left. Some has been bulldozed. It all started when The Chance family began running evening classes in 1846. The Science and Art studies took place at their glassworks in Spon Lane to benefit their workers. By 1852 an Education Institute was formed which ran for nearly two decades. Come 1885, most classes were being run in the evening at the higher grade school in Crocketts Lane. In 1910 ; neighbouring Smethwick Technical School was opened. This served as a Junior Technical School for young pupils during the day and a further education school for adults in the evenings. This became a Municipal College by 1927 and the name was changed to Chance College in 1945. A block of engineering and building workshops were opened in 1950 .Between 1952 and 1966 major extensions were built which enabled the college to accommodate 3,500 students. In 1968 the college was merged with Oldbury College of Further Education to form Warley College of Technology, with the buildings in Crocketts Lane (Chance Building) housing the main administrative centre of the new college and six of its eight departments. The demise was on the horizon many years later and Sandwell College was closed in stages between 2011 and 2012 as relocation to a new state of the art campus in West Bromwich was on the cards. Many fires and vandalism has forced parts of the college to be demolished and what is left is in a hell of a state. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 ] #10 #11 #12 More At: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/albums/72157661142704586
  2. CHANCE TECHNICAL COLLEGE SMETHWICK BIRMINGHAM The Chance family started evening classes in science and art at their glassworks in Spon Lane in 1846 and in 1852 formed an education institute there which existed for almost twenty years. Other classes followed and in 1885 the borough council formed a school board to run them. Most classes were run at the higher grade school in Crocketts Lane. In 1910 a permanent Smethwick Technical School was opened next door. It served as a Junior Technical School for school-age pupils during the day and an adult further education school in the evenings. In 1927 it was renamed Smethwick Municipal College and in 1945 it became Chance Technical College. The junior technical school moved into its own building and was renamed James Watt Technical School. I cant seem to find when it closed. These pix were taken over 2 separate visits. Splored with me besty NK on the first visit, where we were scuppered by a nosey 'Joe Bloggs' AND secca doing his rounds! Still got a good couple of hours in though, was fun sneaking across the 'walkway' above secca sat in his car scoffing his sarnies without being spotted... Second visit saw me sploring solo, bumped into 'The Leeds LOL Society' while in there (good to meet ya lads!) who unfortunately ended up being escorted off site by the local constabulary! Oops! No LOLs there. Fortunately for me though I managed to sneak away and, apart from a couple of homeless guys and the secca, I had the gaff to myself for the afternoon. Sorry for the amount of pix, lots to see!! Reception... Media... Chemistry... Film Studies... Boiler Room... And some other stuff... Thanks for looking...
  3. This was our second location of the Day of My birthday explore which was kindly arranged by Spaceinvader as the original plans went tits up so big thanks mate Visited with Obscurity & Spaceinvader This is a massive set of tunnels under the original factory site of which not much stands today and what does is in a bad way.. Although the original use may not have set out for production it seems they where used during www2 Pics.. And a quick parting shot before we got off site Not quite what i expected but apart from the oil water and other sludge it was pretty good
  4. This is by far one of my favourite places I have been to, which is odd as I try and avoid underground stuff a fair bit! It used to form part of the enormous Guest, Keen & Nettlefold Screws & Fasteners factory in Smethwick, most of the factory has been flattened or is used as industrial units now but the huge underground complex of tunnels remains on site split into two halves, one half sadly being flooded to a good depth. I guess I liked this place purely because it was one of the most dangerous places I've ever been, the tunnels are only just head-height in the centre and there are numerous girders, pipes and the like criss-crossing at all angles, the floors are covered in a mixture of sometimes deep water and oil, oil is bleeding from the ceilings and walls and the smell is out of this world - and to top it off it's all in total darkness It took me three visits to see almost all of it it's that large and I'd go back in a heartbeat. On the second visit in December 2011 just a week before Christmas it began to snow whilst we were inside, the snow filtering down through the various vents in the ceiling was pretty eerie! More here and here