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Found 10 results

  1. After finding ourselves in a live swimming baths in Birmingham we had a short trip to West Brom to have a look at this place which from the outside doesn't look too big but once inside its huge, loads of interesting stuff! Visited with @hamtagger & @Fatpanda Cheers for looking
  2. Early morning Sunday mooch around a choice bit of Birmingham industry? Yeah... Don't mind if I do!! And seeing as its a local job, I'll be back soon as I didn't have time to cover it all... With a WEALTH of machinery and gubbins left behind, I could have quite happily wasted most of the day here... ...The West Bromwich Spring Company... Thanks for lookin' in...
  3. Hey UE chums, I wont spin one out for here as almost all of you will have seen this place in person or have read several reports about it, so you'll know it well enough. For our friends over the water a quick Google will bring you up to speed on the history and disposal scandal attached to this place. I did this on my own and this was my second visit to the site, the first being back in early 2008 and its changed A LOT. I've had these shots a while and not done anything with them until now. Ive put a recent (ish) date down as I cant remember when it was done. 'fast decay' how very true Excuse all the B&W, wanted to give it a try on this one Thanks for stopping by Barracuda.
  4. Abandoned theatre, has been a construction site for years. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
  5. Small, nice abandoned farm house. Left in 1996. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7:
  6. Older set of me, it was a church, but there was also a bar inside for youth. Now ready for demolition. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
  7. This place is mostly houses now but we managed to nip in just before they tore the place down. You don't see a lot of newspaper bases like this anymore, an all encompassing site consisting of offices, dining area & social club, printing facilities and also warehousing for distribution. KM will be opening a new office here at some point but the days of a giant operation like this are long gone. Breaking news(room) Only remnants of the hard-hitting journalism in the newsroom was the best looking pet competition! There were a few old photos lying around showing how things were done years ago like this old printing press. Another showed the print hall behind the newspaper offices and we were able to do a before... ...and after.
  8. This was the Workshop and foundry that made Springs and Rope in the Great Western Railway works.I was working next door in the museum,and decided to ask the site agent of the housing developer,Thomas Homes,if I could take a look around,and to my surprise,he did.The bulk of whats left here hasnt been touched since the Works closed in 1986. Well,that`s The works folks, Many thanks for looking.
  9. I had the great pleasure of visiting this place with Thompski recently. After a quick phone call one evening, 3 hours later we were traipsing around Wiltshire's green and pleasant land in the fast receding light. Major thanks go to Vdub here for directional aid, we'dve not have managed without First, we headed over to the murals at the far end - painted by Olga Lehmann in 1943 I believe, although feel free to correct me. Faggots and chips for eatings. We spent a good seven hours mooching around this place, mostly getting lost and going in circles. Because this was a spur of the moment trip, we had no maps, and little idea of what to expect. However, spring didn't disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed this place, although we didn't get to look around certain other places next door. File it under 'splored': No visit would be complete without a bit of fan service Getting out a few hours before sunrise, we headed back to the M4 for some well-needed sleep and the journey homeward. Ta for Thompski for keeping me in the loop with this one, and ta again to Vdub for phone-directing us there Thanks for looking, Jeeeeebus.
  10. What a saga, well let me start at the beginning. I was supposed to be traveling down with DiGiTalReePeR and Thurisaz (Both from 28WL) I was told to get the bus down to London Victoria with Thurisaz and that DiG would pick us up from there and take us to the hotel that he had already booked for us, then we would head down to Dover early on Saturday morning. We arrive at london at 9.00pm tried to ring DiG at least 20 times, no answer, we were standing round on the corner of the bus station for 2 and a half hours, we finally get a text saying that he has a problem with his car and we are told to get the train to Hemal Hempstead and he'll come and give us a lift in a mates car, we arrive at about midnight, we try ringing DiG again, no reply, we wait until 1am. So we are stranded in the middle of nowhere with no idea what is going on so we decided to get a taxi to the nearest premier inn, we sleep the night there and get up at 7am to try and ring DiG again, still....no reply, we wait until 11am and we were on the verge of just saying f**k it lets just go home. We get the train to London and looked at the train prices to Dover, then we made the decision that we didnt want some twat to ruin the trip and lets just go for it. We arrived in Dover for about 2pm and met up with Solarpowered and The Gas Man / Zombie as well as the Teen Tunnel Team. Drop Redoubt North Casemates The crawl between the north and south casemates was epic, we made the terrible mistake of sending the most arachnophobic person first, who promptly found a nest of the the buggers along the tunnel, and somehow managed to turn around and climb over the top of the person behind him, meanwhile we were stood back at the entrance to the tunnel and we could only hear muffled screams and shouts along the lines of aaaaaahhhhh, theres a f**cking big one......KILL IT.......ITS STILL MOVING.......I CAN SEE ITS LEGS.........SH*T THERES MORE!!!!......etc Theres a great video of it somewhere Oil Mills We covered both upper and lower oil mills, upper was very impressive, lower was just huge. I didnt get any pictures worth showing in lower as it was more of an explore and less of a photoshoot, needless to say sliding down the dust into the two lowest was great fun. Although it was slightly scary when i hit my shoulder on the wall and a pretty large chunk of the wall fell down Overall I think it was a great trip (we're all heading back down in the next two weeks, so if anyone is interested pm me) big thumbs up to Solarpowered for showing us oil mills etc, and huge thanks to pinkfluff and Zombie for letting us crash at their place. Peace, out Shadow