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Found 3 results

  1. So back in August (yes I'm slow as ever!); a non-explorer friend and myself visited The Springs in Wallingford, which at the time was a bit of a local tourist trap; but it was an afternoon out! It had really dawned on me at this point which way this hobby is going these days. No word of a lie; there was at least 15 people in that hotel, all this new wave of "YouTube Explorer" we all have our opinions of. They were all nice enough there and then, but a couple were very, very loud and had small children with them. Inevitably, a member of staff of the live Golf Course this was on came and flushed everyone out, myself and my friend sat in an old en-suite upstairs and waited for it to die down. After that; we explored for an hour and a half or so; not much to see here, fairly plain, but it was an enjoyable day out. Upon exit the same Golf Course Staff found us, but were polite and we were on our way. The original build dates back to 1874; a Mock Tudor Style building, this Victorian Villa has been massively altered and extended from the original. Rock Star Ian Gillan of Deep Purple, purchased the villa in 1973 and was behind its and installed a guitar shaped swimming pool in the grounds behind the building before its later conversion into a 32 bedroom hotel. The last owners bought the hotel in 1995 and added a large golf course and club to the grounds. The Springs finally closed in 2014 after the owners could no longer afford the vast upkeep. The Golf Club however; voted one of the best in Oxfordshire is still open. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 As Always Guys, Thank You. More Hotel At: https://www.flickr.com/photos/landie_man/albums/72157674868589418
  2. Mineral Springs Bath House The construction of the Mineral Springs Bath House began in 1907. This was in order to bring in more tourism and wealth into the area. The town it was built in was an excellent location to host a bath house, as it was well known for it's rich mineral water sources which was believed to have medicinal properties. During the start of the 20th century mineral baths were a very fashionable and popular leisure activity. It took 3 years to build, with the help of local residents and neighbouring villages. It was finally unveiled with a ceremony in 1911. The materials which were used for the interior were designed in Vienna, France and Belgium and it was the most expensive healing bath in Bulgaria at that current time. Typical to most bath houses, it was separated into two sections, one for the men and another for the women. Both areas accommodated for it's visitors with a large circular pool, changing rooms and 10 bathtubs. The baths also provided central heating facilities, the main parts of the building were kept consistently at 15°C, the changing rooms at 28°C and the baths themselves were 32°C. The bath house was also equip with a clinic, admin offices and a large laundry room. Sadly the Mineral Springs Baths eventually closed in 2001, due to the decline in interest and popularity along with the lack of investment by the local government. Externals Internals If you've got this far, thanks for reading
  3. Evening all, hope everyones all gravy, had a lovely couple days of urban and rural exploring over the weekend. Couldn't really be bothered with a big drive on saturday so stayed pretty local, been meaning to pop in here for ages but havent got around to it for one reason or another. Visited with my mate jane and thanks to some help from raz we were in without a hitch. Cool place, awesome just how much stuff is still there, which was good cus i was only really using my 35mm lens as i'm still without a wide on, borrowed janes for a couple but for the most part its a set of details and things that caught my eye about the place as opposed to the space as a whole. The explore As i mentioned before thanks to raz for the heads up, big help mate especially the info on the bells, jumped in there and could hear some voices so kept quiet and then saw a couple of people, they'd seen us aswell and it was that moment of, right are they explorers or do these guys work here.....-oh cool they got cameras, golden was another group of explorers-with their very young puppy cradled in one of them's arms no less!, they told us about another access point which tbf was easier on the way out. Was a nice mooch wouldn't say chilled out as knew there were bells in certain parts and people do come and go down here so tried to keep quiet. All in a pretty enjoyable mooch around a cool bit of brum industry, lots to rummage through and get your fingers dirty on which is always interesting n fun, bailed out in our own time without causing anyone any grief so all in a successful little wander. Bit of history shamelessly pinched of HT, cheers dude:grin2: In West Bromwich is the West Bromwich Spring Co. Ltd, also known as Helical Works. The West Bromwich Spring has been at the forefront of precision manufacturing since 1896. Their website boasted a claim Precision springs made to order: Any Design. Any Quantity. Any Time. Found it difficult to find a lot of history on the place online for some reason, just loads of links to yell.com etc giving details of the business as if it was still up and running, which makes sense I suppose as the site is roughly 25% live with only the rear areas falling into dereliction. Found some disjointed info about the owner legging it from the site and not returning after a large quantity of his machinery failed safety checks in 2007 and it would've been too expensive to bring the equipment up to satisfactory standards. The company was valued by an independent body around this time at £-110,892. The unknown owner currently rents parts of the complex out to private businesses. aaaand the picywicks WARNING Hand tool geek alert, Woden was a sheffield tool maker back in the glory days of sheffield steel tool making, they primarily made planes and various edge tools but as you can see vices were not beyond the realms of possibility, that said it could be a vice made after the company was taken over by record sometime in the late 50s, i think woden became the record budget range (still be better than the chinese shite getting passed off as record these days!) eventually the woden TM was discontinued in the late 60s. thanks for looking dustbin lids