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Found 10 results

  1. Come on if anyone was going to be starting a thread dedicated to stairs and staircases it'd have to be me right, self-confessed staircase fetishist and all. I like them in all shapes and sizes, styles or condition you name it. Here are a few I have seen this year. I think I have issues...
  2. My last set of pics from our 'Tour di Bastardi'... Everybody knows this one due to its famous stairs, an excellent end to an excellent tour! ...The Palace Casino... As always, thanks for lookin' in...
  3. A quickie, but a nice one...... Villa Margherita is an abandoned house in Italy. An ornate staircase curves around into the entrance hall. The house has been cleared of all content but the architecture of the staircase and hallway is lovely. That's about all I know! 1. Entrance hall 2. Behind stairs 3. Entrance hall 4. Staircase 5. Viewed from above 6. On the stairs 7. Top of stairs 8. Top of stairs 9. Tiled toilet 10. Empty room 11. External
  4. Want to see more stairs and more of my work? Like my page Colourbex and stay updated https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colourbex/834327016579594?fref=ts
  5. The history of the Holy Cross Hospital is surreal. Built about 200 years ago, it has been renovated several times over the years then suddenly abandoned. A new hospital was built exactly in front of it. After a few years, they closed it too. Two abandoned hospitals facing each other. Strange life. Inside Corridors Cold Please don't move Autopsy room Stairs Offices Going Nowhere Corridors Check up
  6. A large justice building undergoing renovations. There is only one room worth seeing here, but what a room it is!! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Thanks for looking you can find the full set here
  7. Gave this place a lil visit on a roadtrip last year. It was totally trashed and I never got many shots from here really. So I ended up getting a bit arty with the 50. 1 decostairs 2 Decadent Decay 3 Bokehstrade Just to show how trashed it was.... 4 Walking away Thanks for looking
  8. So it turns out if you a) ask nicely and do a fair amount of yarn spinning to the owners of places, they sometimes don't mind you having a peek behind closed doors...accompanied of course! This is one of those many manor houses that is 'empty' and not 'derelict', the original home has had a modern monstrosity added onto it to make a conference centre/office business space at some point and it was just waiting for new people to take it over. And some from the modern extension... More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157631668220320/
  9. This was more of an empty place than decayed or abandoned as such. Permission job, I know the owner well as he lets me use his many mansions for model photoshoots. I liked this place, but I do love my decay, so wasn't head over heels for this one! Went with Mookie
  10. Stairs, Chairs n Enemas! Saturday morning shenanigans in Mansfield General Once again me n me besty were heading in a northerly direction at the crack of dawn keen to quench our thirst for Hospitalization and Mansfield General was the target in sight! Turned into a crackin' morning and bumped into some fellow lurkers while in there... Nice to meet yuz Shush, Skankypants, Hitgirl, The Real Indiana Jones and Aunty Foghorn!! LET THE SHENANIGANS BEGIN... What better way to start the day than with a spot dressin up... Ooh! Pretty in pink! After some intense mooching theres nothing better than popping yer slippers on and havin a noice cup of tea... WHAT DYA MEAN THERE AINT NO TEA?! After half an hour of griping about not getting my cup of tea NK got a bit fed up and decided to dish out some 'punishment'... I'm still walkin funny! Well thats it from Mansfield... Tara for now... But wait... NO TEA AND NOW A FECKIN PARKIN TICKET!! GRAAAAARRRR!!!!