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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! It's been a while since our small Belgium/Luxembuorg/France-Roadtrip in September, but now I finally had the time to recall this one and edit some of the images. As I'm totally new to photography, I would be very delighted to hear your opinion on the photos and processing! (: 1st day:Usine Barbele The entrance was quite easy. The place where the hole in the fence should be seemed to have been closed a few times already; but everytime a new hole was opened just a few steps further. Arriving at the heart of the plant, we quickly made our way up to the rows of coking furnaces. It was a rather dark day, clouds hanging heavily in the sky, and we stopped many times when some loose parts made loud crashing noises, moved by the wind. We did not feel comfortable here, it seemed like we were not welcome. After taking some portraits at the big fans, my girlfriend told me she was hearing engine sounds, and we decided to rush into a small cabin at the side of the road and hide. And really, she was right: A black Dacia made its way slowly around the plant, passing the shed where we were hiding. We heard it stopping somewhere, opening and closing it's doors again, and we were in complete agreement we should leave this place as fast as posible. Hiding behind everything we found, we fled along the side of the way, stopping and quietly peeking back every now and then. 2nd day: HFB We decided to be quick with this one when thinking back to the day before. We made our way to the blast furnace, took some photos and left again. We'll have a look at the rest of the site on our tour in march. ET Phone Home I found this one online just the day before, and after a short research, I had the coordinates. After having a stop at a small park to have a look at a sculpture we wanted to see, we quickly headed over the fields toward this one. We arrived at sunset, and after strolling through high grass and climbing the small fence, we stood in the middle of those antennas. I really liked the view, but I'm not at all pleased with the pictures I made. Maybe we'll repeat that one someday. 3rd day: Diesel Power Plant Not much to say. The door that was said to be open was closed again, so we moved on to the sea and did not any exploration that day. 4th day: Salle des Compresseurs We made our way in from the west. According to the parts we found in this wasteland, it used to be some kind of power station. There are also some basement structures where you can still find some electrical gear. The compressor house was a nice little place - nice machines looking like ducks, rust, peeling paint, plants. Beautiful. 5th day: Power Plant X The access to this one was said to be "a bit dirty", but i really enjoyed it. We took some shots in the boiler room and moved on to the pumping room in the next building. Sadly we didn't get to see the big hall with the gas motors as renovation work was going on - the space was lit up like a soccer field and plastic sheets were covering windows and machines. Let's hope it gets well preserved for the posterity so they can enjoy that view too! Terres Rouges This one was easy. We heard stories of police driving around and were careful, but luckily nothing happened. The place isn't as impressive as HFB or Usine Barbele and in a quite bad shape, but there were some nice perspectives. It was raining cats and dogs, so we didn't have much time to shoot the nice reflections. That's it for now. There aren't so much images as we also did a bit of sightseeing and I sorted out a bunch that I didn't like or weren't able to process to the point where I could post them with a good feeling Hope you still like them! If you like to see some (but that's not THAT much) more images, you can hit up my flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums We'll do another tour in March (Be, Lux, Fr, Es, It, Ch) and hopefully we'll come back with more pictures. Maybe I'll also add some of my older images. And of course, thanks a lot to the people that helped me with the locations and confirmed my researched coordinates - it's really nice to know how to get in and somebody has been there recently. I won't publish the names here so that you don't get flooded with requests, I hope that's ok. You rock! best wishes from Germany, Nico
  2. Hello once again! I'm used to write texts with much more details about location shared but here I don't know If It's be possible for me because of the language;) But I wanna show you my favourite place ever and say some words about it. It's an abandoned steel works in Nyzhnij Tagil, Sverdlovsk region. The first blast furnace here was started in 1725. It provided the whole cycle of metal smelting and was the largest company of the famous Demidovs' family. The smelting process was carried out in the blast furnaces the walls of which were quickly burnt through and had to be repared frequently. The factory was rebuilt many times but you can still find the original foundaments of the oldest furnaces here. Besides the furnaces there were a brick manufacture and a sawmill here. Over a long period many progressive technologies were used here. During the Second World War they produced ferrochromium and ferromanganese in need of aviation. But nothing's eternal, and technology didn't need big furnaces to make big amount of metal. In 1987 it was stopped. It was turned into a museum. But there's a great problem in Russia, and its name is lack of money. Nobody cares about historical places being demolished because nobody has money to help. Now the factory stays derilict without any protection. The top height is about 40-50 metres. You can climb the top without any fear, although the metal sheets are very old. But they were made to serve for centuries. It's not only the gigant of the epoch. The shops were not only convinient but had aesthetic beauty. A runabout from the blast-furnace shop. Look at me and compare the scale. The factory has its own dam which is still working. You have to spend some says to watch everything here. I feel like at home here. I admire industry, and metallurgy is the Queen of industry obviously! And some photos from my previous trip. It's a stand for a copper in which melted metal was cooled. Thank you for attention and sorry for so many photos! But I can't delete some of them from the post because impression won't be full! Have a good weekend!
  3. On the 18th of September 2015 SSI (Thai based Sahaviriya Steel Industries) announced that due to the decline in steel prices that the Lackenby Steelworks would be paused. By September the 28th 2015, they announced the plant would be "Mothballed" due again to the poor steel trading conditions across the World, which again resulted in very low steel prices. On the 2nd of October 2015 SSI entered liquidation! On the 12th of October 2015 the Receivers announced there was no realistic prospect of finding a buyer & the Coke Ovens at Redcar would be extinguished. After being sold off by Tata Steel, the Lackenby BOS (Basic Oxygen Steel)& Concast Plant ran in conjunction with the Blast furnace at Redcar. The Blast Furnace was capable of producing 10,000 tonnes of Iron daily. which were transported by rail in specially designed rail ladles (called Torpedoes) each of these weighed in at 350 tonnes empty & 700 tonnes laden with molten Iron. Two ladles were moved at one time, hauled by purpose built 70 tonne GEC Loco"s on heavily constructed internal rail system to handle the weight. The Loco"s moved the molten Iron the 4 miles from the Furnace at Redcar & into the BOS Plant for processing. Oxygen would be blasted into the molten Iron to reduce the carbon content down to what was required for the particular use of the end product & additional substances added at this time. From here it entered the Concast Plant where t was poured into formers and rapidly cooled, once solidified it was rolled into billets before continuing into the Steel rolling mill for final processing. Visited with Stranton on a very rough weekend weather wise. Recce at night in a snowstorm with severe wind chill & visits from the Harbour Police & Secca, only to be topped the next day with more snow, more severe wind chill & more visits from Secca lol. I said there was workers inside going off the noise emitted by my buddy decided it was wind After accessing the works we found out it was indeed workers which elevated my already high pulse after running about to severe levels! I was expecting to get bust so quickly i ended up just using my mobile for the first half hour as we dodged & dived from the workers just metres from us in a highly floodlit works, whilst casting huge shadows as we tried to be stealthy as much as we could We got separated & i without phone contact ? i made my way around finally getting the camera out dodging the workers as they moved about the works & the Secca doing his drive-throughs. My highlight was being on a gantry looking down on Stranton running about from pillar to post making himself more obvious lol We finally made contact & immediately separated again? i headed away from the workers into the next complex only to find more workers FFS eventually i made it into a quiet zone of the main shed and finally relaxed. As i was stood taking long Exp pics on the 375tonne cranes trackbed i looked down below me to see a worker in high vis on his phone but hadn"t appeared to have seen me so i crept away as best i could into the shed next door which had more workers in it. At this time i got a call off Stranton about bailing as he"d just had the Secca & workers and obviously we had outstayed our welcome. Unfortunately we were at different parts of the site so it took what seemed ages before we found each other and we could do the "Headless chicken" run away dance lol As we climbed the final palisade Secca drove past us FFS Good time on reflection, even though lack of pics & the stress & strain involved too my heart Obviously our hearts go out to all the workers & their families with the continued demise of British Industry. Even the foreign owners of these plants can"t make it pay in the current economic climate Due too the high output of the Tungsten lighting i"ve decided to add a few B&W (which i don"t normally use) as if i reduce the yellow the pics are basically neutral and look "Naff" all single RAW pics BTW Enjoy......the new Tourist Hotspot lol South bank Coke Works, on the left with the Steelworks on the right in the distance.
  4. Hi peeps. I bring you images from a visit to these steelworks by Zero81 and myself back in March 2012. The steelworks were in operation between 1796 and 1990 - 1, 100 jobs were lost when the site closed. - 1 - - 2 - - 3 - - 4 - - 5 - - 6 - - 7 - - 8 - - 9 - - 10 - - 11 - - 12 - - 13 - - 14 - - 15 - - 16 - - 17 - - 18 - - 19 - - 20 - - 21 - - 22 - - 23 - - Ta for looking -