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Found 4 results

  1. Having seen a few reports from this place a couple years ago and nothing recently me and a pal went over to check it out, we completely winged the trip here didn't have a clue what was derelict and what wasn't due to part of the site being live! We even got locked in a courtyard at one point! A return visit is definitely on the cards as I didn't mange barely any of the inside Music by: deadmau5 - Avaritia (Dimension bootleg)
  2. Hello, My first exploration : a sugar beet distillery closed since more than 40 years. Inside is empty except one piece of furniture down the stairs. I haven't climbed to the floors, holes in the roof since years ago and wooden floors dissuaded me. (PS : i hope my english is comprehensible) 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/
  3. Another installment of Englandshire road trip Scattergun and I embarked on. This Asylum wasn't even on our list until the night before when we are were deciding what to have a look at. A very quick muggle search and we the one shot made the decision for us. So off we set at 5am (needless to say we were zombies until we got food) and to picked up AltDayOut en-route and take a trip down here first thing in the morning. Arriving at the site we wandered down the path to see a few cars parked around and quite a bit of noise, so thought we find a back way in. Trudging through the forest we figured we have to cross a valley with a small burn at the bottom. Slipping and sliding around, me getting my foot wet, we finally made it to the other side to be greeted with a fantastic view of this beauty in the trees! We made our way inside the place, and it was freezing!, there must have been a temperature difference of 10 degrees between the ground floor and the top floor. A touch of history. This manor house was rebuilt in 1862 for a wealthy landowner, but the family later lost a bet with the stake being this estate. The house was not sold and eventually leased by Sir Henry Tate of Tate & Lyle's who was the last private resident of the manor. The manor house was sold to a local health board and converted in the 1930's to an convalescent home for male patients. In 1949 the health board converted it an Asylum for over-spill patients at the nearby Asylum which was over crowded, it finally closed it doors in 1989. Sold in 1992 but no developments have come to fruition. This was a really nice explore and when we left we decided not to take the hard route out but rather walk past the bunch of farmers and just say "Good Morning Chaps, lovely day for it" to hear the reply from a stuttering startled old guy, "ppprrrivate ppprrroppperty" Bold as Brass is the way to go