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Found 14 results

  1. Found this location by the end of 2012, but couldn't get an entry to it. Returned for many times while it was fully furniture d. To bad i couldn't get in without breaking, so had to wait till summer 2014, unfortunately they removed most of the interior by then. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  2. A small, empty farm. Floors removed, furniture was removed, the only thing left were the outer walls and a stair. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  3. 1: Once just a mill in Belgium, once bought to be converted to an casino. The buisiness didnt go to well, so the casino closed. Someone decided to turn it into a bowling centre. When the work was done, it was shut again. They never used the bowling, and now its slowly decaying. 2: 3: 4:
  4. : Sauna Jee, a sauna that closed almost 2 years ago because of the bad water quality (at least, thats what ive heard). This aint my favourite set or location, cause of the little amount of decay and clear "atmosphere" inside. 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
  5. Not a qlue what has happened to this building, why its empty and why nobody takes care of the stuff inside. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
  6. History unknown to me, but the name "gravestone" is because in the center of the church, there have diggings. There was a underground burriel place, and they opened it for research, but never closed it down. Now its the home to loads of pigeons, as you can smell inside. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5:
  7. This one turned out to be super scary access - it's a wing and a prayer job. Would recommend you wear brown pants And the site is part live too... The company was an industrial parts manufacturer established in 1930. They made tools, belt driven machinery, transmissions and electrical equipment, specialising in items for tanners and leather manufacturers in addition to glue and gelatine plants. They produced batch runs of specialist components and carried out renovation work on various machine parts. Most likely the works closed sometime in the 1970's.
  8. Visited with Obscurity,Spaceinvader,UrbanGinger,and 2 non members After such a long break since the last time we visited and it being sealed ,then Blatantly ripped open and then sealed tight this place has been off the circuit of explore,so after a lot of recce and planning a way in was found although it very public and risky, off we went to crack on,thos of you who have visited will know the baths are tidal so with that in mind the first visit was a short one due to the "old" way used to get into the rest of the areas via the old smugglers tunnels being a tad destroyed and collapsed.2nd visit was sorted and the rest of the place was explored only missing a few bits here and there due to the rather non existent routes Brief history of which there is much HISTORY The complex of buildings on the site are of two distinct phases: an early-C19 sea bathing establishment, dating from 1824, called the Clifton Baths; and a C20 lido, dating from 1926, called the Cliftonville Lido from 1938. The structures are on four levels, the lower levels excavated from the chalk cliffs and only the upper level, on the landward side, above ground level. More to be found here Margate Architecture: Clifonville Baths granted listed status On with the pics Echoes nightclub A few from Hades where the raves all happened a long time ago now Price list would be a dream in this day and age The underground Harbour and then down a level Below echoes Club Into the changing rooms which is generaly a tad of a paddle about Up in the main hall area The not so grand hall,when i visited 3 years ago it was full of the rotten contents of the hall,stage,chairs the lot all gone Thanks for putting up with so many images which arent my best, but last time i was here i used a very old nokia mobile fone and that report is long gone!!
  9. Tucked away in the Gloucestershire countryside lies this hospital It started life as a park and country house, then served as a military hospital and later a tb sanatorium then turned its attention to orthopaedics, rheumatology and respiratory care. It closed its doors in December 2004 and has lay empty ever since. Its even got a cute little morgue... Still got 3 buildings left to crack! So will be back soon to set off a few more PIRs... Thanks for lookin in...
  10. This is a derelict part of a live hospital site on the west coast of Scotland. The whole site has been due to close for ages, but its successor hasn't been built yet. The floor is very rotten in places. The first time I visited it, there was a burst mains water pipe, and live electricity in close proximity. Closed since 1991. The ground floor is very pleasing, with lots of tat. Insta-death.
  11. Hide n Seek House (aka Red Dress Manor/Farmer Johns) Another stop off on me n NKs summer splore tour... IT WAS BOSS!!! So much stuff left behind!! Hard to fathom why anybody would just board a place up like this and walk away... Thanks for lookin'
  12. The Old Print Works... Borrowed my mates camper for the weekend, pointed it towards the valleys, chucked NK and her wellies in the back en route and off we sped!! Saw some ACE stuff, including this crackin' place... Doesnt get much better in my opinion! Had a BOSTIN' weekend! Amazing splores! Fantastic weather! The BEST company!! ON WITH SOME PIX... Thanks for lookin'
  13. Diary Keepers Cottage... Still cant quite believe I stumbled upon this little gem of a place!! Splored, as ever, with NK... Ill let the pix do the talking for this one... Thanks for lookin'
  14. More exploring done in this weekend then i've done in the last few months put together, spent well over 20 hours out over the two days. Visited with Pinkfluff, Zombie, Thurisaz, Frosty, Lyton, Solarpowered, Toast, and Mrs Toast was good to see everyone again, cheers to fluff and zombie for letting us crash, and also a big thanks to Solar yet again for showing us where stuff is Right, on with the pics Shorts Sea Plane / Air Raid Tunnels After leaving Shorts Solar took us on the best detour ever, where we spent a good hour and a half playing on a rope swing Awesome times, nearly getting knocked over by zombie on his return swing haha. On to Cliffe Fort After this Toast and went off and left me, fluff, zombie and solar to go to Grain Tower, solar showed us the way before also buggering off, and I only just managed to persuade everyone else to walk over to it. I'm glad I did Fluff far below End Of Day 1 (can no-one comment until I get Day 2 up?) Shadow