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Found 2 results

  1. I've been exploring for around a year and already had a couple tripods sadly. I have found two that I really like and though I'd share them here. For me I like two tripods, one a that can be slung around and take a bit of rough and tumble which can be take on easy explores where you don't need to be light and fast. They must be easy to adjust and have decent height as well. Being Scottish and a tight arse, I searched around for the best I could find for the money and found these guys RedSnapper I bought the old 284 model, its now been updated and its been solid ever since buying it, it is fairly heavy though and after a day or twos exploring can get a bit much! RSF-284 model Is the upgraded version and looks even better. Be warned about the head combos however, I got a cheap one on offer and it was simply shit, but upgraded that to a beast of a head. Redsnapper have a good after-sales dept, i lent on one of the legs and snapped a bit off, they sent a replacement part free of charge! I now use the Manfrotto 322-RC2 it really is a beast, probably too big, bigger than I originally thought, but very easy to use and adjust. Does weigh a fair bit, maybe one of the smaller ones would be better! Now onto my favourite little tripod, its small compact and brilliant to use. Meet the fairly unknown Horusbennu FX-7529TT It folds down to under 30cm, its carbon fibre takes up to 12kg load and is stable, a touch light its feet when its fully loaded with a body, grip heavy lense, but still works a treat. It weighs basically nothing, 920g and also can be used as a monopod. It says £165 on the article, but send the guys an offer, I got mine for £130, expensive but worth it. There are quite a big selection of tripods from HorusBennu, loads to choose from so have a look around their eBay shop. I am now after a smaller ball head that is cheapish and sturdy and will hold a camera without slipping please let me know, I need one shortly!
  2. Then you can get your tickets tonight, before they officially go on sale tomorrow morning by clicking this link. http://www.seetickets.com/see/price.asp ... 92&userid={29DC6FE9-99C4-4E5F-826A-5E8CBFBF10C0}&filler1=see It works, a friend has just ordered using it. See tickets are just shit at keeping their website URLs off seach engines! Unfortunitely I'm not able to go this year due to work commitments, but if anyone else is thinking of going, this link will ensure you can order your ticket before the big rush tomorrow! Maniac.