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Found 28 results

  1. The Sickness Tour Be. Part 4. Oldskool,Ill ogical,Fishbrain & Tweek. From what i can figure this place used to be some sort of workshop/shop judging from the cave like living room and studio space in the rear of the property ... another wicked Belgium location ok number 6... Masion Decor 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Thanks for looking [email protected]@l...........
  2. The Sickness Tour Be. Part 5. Oldskool,Ill ogical,Fishbrain & Tweek. Ok four locations starting with Cooling Tower M.I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Onward....night shoot at Chateau De Noisy 7. Time to go underground Pre Metro 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Finally Cinema Studio 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Not urbex but still a grand station.... 19. 20. Oldskool ,Fishbrain and Tweek........ 21. Thanks for looking [email protected]@l........
  3. visited with six riff raff and pezzar ... we arrived early Friday morning ,all keen to start working are way throught the list and cram as much into three days as possible Friday didn't quite go to plan after a few fails a trye change and run in with Belgiums finest who took are details and ask us politely to leave we then heading onto traction sud could of spent all night at this place there so much to see so defintley a revisit in order on with the pics apologies for the overkill with the fish-eye got a little carried away ... traction sud ... lightspeed ... chateau luminere... theatre jusete ... Villa Wallfhart ... thanks for looking ...
  4. How to post a report using Flickr Flickr seems to change every time the wind changes direction so here's a quick guide on how to use it to post a report... Step 1 - Explore and take pictures Step 2 - Upload your chosen pictures to Flickr like this.. Step 3 - Once your images are successfully uploaded to flickr choose a category for the location that you have visited... Step 4 - Then "Start New Topic".. You will then see this screen... Step 5 - Now you are ready to add the image "links", known as "BBcodes", which allow your images to display correctly on forums.. Step 6 - Then click "select" followed by "view on photo page".. Now select "Share" shown below.. Step 7-13 - You will then see this screen... Just repeat those steps for each image until you're happy with your report and click "submit topic"! You can edit your report for 24 hours after posting to correct errors. If you notice a mistake outside of this window contact a moderator and they will happily rectify the problem for you
  5. From the Jupilerrrrr Euro Tour with Baron of Derpland and Mega Magpie Kores! A lovely mid day wander around this rather public location, how we didn't get spotted is beyond me!! Thanks for looking!!!
  6. I Know...i know...its been a while..Ive definatly not been in retirement ..just a very busy bee last year and spending time on the forums just didnt seem to get squeezed in... After a poke n a prod off PS i thought it about time i whacked a report up....so here you have it...NKPS "Spinning Wheel Tour 2015" Farm 1881 Yet again i find my self sat in the green pea heading south towards the boarder with my co pilot and partner in crime PS.. We boarded good ole P & O and with in a few hours we hit foreign ground..We had about 9 hours of light and a list of places too see before darkness fell and our ferry back so it was "Mission on!!" coffee by the bucket.. roll ups by the dozen... and match sticks keeping our eyes open off we went....one of the places we wanted to see had been named farm 1881.. An odd place tucked away on the edge of a forest...i really dont think that i have ever been inside such an intriguing house in my life... little rooms tucked away on different levels that can only be accessed by ladders..and jam packed full with the strangest of oddities.. from the macabre to the down right bizarre... Anyways...less of me rambling on and on with the pics..Explored as always with perjury Saint and a crazy belgium buddy Stijn Brands... These are framed photos ...they are called photo keepsakes...made around the victorian era typically out of memories to the person whos face is cut out and put into the frame with real hair jewelrey ect... Death Masks..made of wax and wrapped up in newspaper stored in a box amongst other macabre items.. This young man served on the vessel Algerie..below you can see the top of the ship Comfirmation Day for a very important little lady PS will tag his pics on to this ...
  7. At the end of August t2020 Sr, t2020 Jr and I went for a 1000mile crawl around Belgium and France. Just a short vid of our exploits. Cheers t2020
  8. Ok first instalment of the Travelling By Numbers Tour Germany Hotel S Started planning this tour a few months ago , we had more than enough locations to be going at just a couple of fails and 11 locations successful in 3 days . The partners in crime this trip were Cloaked Up, Camera Shy and Sammydoublewammy. I found out a little history on this hotel built in the 1800s ran as a functioning hotel for many years .In 1995 it was taken over by an American manger who ran it till 2002 when it closed its doors. One of the rooms pictured was the mangers bed room , it still contains her clothes and personal belongings ....on with the photos . 1. The leaving shot by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 2. True to detail by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 3. Managers wardrobe The managers left behinds by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 4. Managers fur coat, i think it was real . Our ladys fav fur coat by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 5. To the manor born by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr Managers hat 6. Mangers room. 7. The managers bedroom by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 8. The green room by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 9. R by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 10. Powered down by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 11. On my radio by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 12. Lines and stairs by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 13. The grand ballroom by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 14. The back route by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 15. To cool for skool by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 16. Religious emblem by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr 17. Green by Paul Morris aka Mr.Oldskool www.lookingforthenextp, on Flickr
  9. Been a while since ive done a forum report ...i use the word report very loosely a couple of locations from a tour i did a few months ago first of Villa V 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Kirche V The house of bamboo Travelling by numbers tour Germany 2014 8. 9. 10. 11. Thanks for looking Oldskool
  10. Spent some hours in that nice hotel shooting, unfortunately the housekeeper wouldn't let us shoot in some parts of this location like the nice saloon or the expensive rooms... My pictures: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9:
  11. It's been a year or so since I last went and got busted. But a change of camera and a wider lens meant that I wanted to go back and get some shots that I can be happy with. Wanted to get a few more sites in the Lincoln area done and had a look at rauceby asylum which wasn't my cup of tea. While it looks like work is being done to St J's it's only been confined to the external to the building as far as I can see.
  12. ok, been a while since I posted from this trip. Day 3, after a very messy night involving several bottles of "baron" red wine, our motley crew awoke. Where were we going ?? The night before had been frantic messages home and abroad trying to figure out if the place was still open.......... yes/no/yes/no, then we decided Foret, but then we decided prison........ the last message I had stated it was open, so we got in the car and set off. After at least 3 wrong turns on the motorways we finally got heading in the right direction !! We met up with 2 explorers from Holland, Mornix and Mallory, good friends and really good to see them again. (Mallorys Apricot pie was amazing !! and who says prison food is rubbish ) Long story short......... we got in........ took some pics......... go out........ no dramas no gypsies but we heard a few guns being fired in the prison next next door. cheers The Baron
  13. Day 2 of the tour After a very quiet night we were all up at 5am for a 60 minute drive (why is everything in Belgium 60 mins away) Parking in a very conveniently situated carpark we done a brisk hop skip and jump and we were in. Pitch black we made our way down to the basement for an hours attempt at sleeping,the excitement was too much for me and there was no chance of sleeping. About 7:50am we made our way up and into the main hall, this is the 2nd time I`ve been lucky enough to do this magnificent building, as just like the first time it took my breath away. It so bloody big !! it tricks you from the outside, and it tricks you from the low ceiling rooms you walk through to get to the main hall, how many times I just stopped and looked around, probably too many. I feel honoured to have stood in this place, really holds a grip over me I cant explain, maybe its like when your a child and your have your favourite sports/super car and then you see it, I guess thats what this place is like for me. Ever since seeing a pic of this 18 months ago i knew I had to get in there, no matter what. I still get the hairs on the back of neck standing up when I think/look at pics of it. Anyhows.......... 5hours later we exited and started the 60 minute (see what I mean) drive to location number 3 sorry for the number of pics but this is cut down from 70 ! cheers The Baron
  14. It's been ages since I posted on here as I have been kept really busy with work, family life, my own blog and, now, studying towards a BA in photography part-time. I thought I better change this and what better way to start than showing some of the highlights from the Silly O' Clock Crew franco-belgian urbex tour last month! Joining me for the 4 days of exploring were The Baron of Scotland, Project Mayhem and Lowri Jen Bate. 1000 miles were covered, 6 countries were spanned (technically, if we're including Wales and Scotland) and we met some awesome european explorers along the way. Drinks were drank ...especially on the 14-hour ferry crossing! And, all in all, a very sucessfull few days were had seeing some of the best of European derpage. So, without further ado and in no particular order, I present The Franco-Belgian 2013 Silly O'Clock Crew European Tour Highlights... 1) Tapioca Farm 2) Horror Labs 3) Prison H15 4) Inside Prison H15 5) Villa Hector 6) La Bobbins Clothing Factory 7) CDC 8) CDC (again - it's rather nice so deserves two!) 9) Chateau Gramophone 10) Schola CLXXV Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the pics - I hope to put reports up for each when I get the time. Until then... MrD
  15. NKPS WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME YOU ALL ABOARD THE 1100 MILE BELGIUM TOUR..IN DARKNESS... With 62 hours on Belgium turf and 15 locations to do the was not time for much sleep..everything on our list had to be done so some of our adventures were undergone in the dark.. To kick off we hit the horror labs..i really thought that PS was well sound with the driving considering he crashed the mushy pea twice last time:o but how wrong was I....I looked up and hes gripping the stearing wheel transfixed on the road ahead..or should I say the tram line:eek: ..I cover my eyes as he straddles the tracks that all have at least 3 ft pot holes inside them....I would of liked to of said I had confidence in his driving abilities but after this stunt I have my doubts...anyways we turned a corner and the labs loomed before us.... HERE PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY..... THE CRYPT VILLA HECTOR.... Monsieur HECTOR HIMSELF... Offfffffffffff we zoom ........ To the very lovely "Hotel Tapioca" nitey nite all... That's it for now peeps hope you enjoyed some of our adventure..ive used both our pics in the mix...
  16. On a crisp friday 3 men and a little lady (mysellf and members proj3ctm4yh3m, Mr Dystopia and Lowri Jen 37) boarded a ferry from Newcastle heading to Amsterdam. The start of an epic 3 days of exploring with 8 locations done and no fails We met some brilliant folk and had an absolute scream, really really enjoyed this trip, havent laughed so hard for ages. After a heavy night on the boat we arrived at Amsterdam, and proceeded with the 2 and bit hours drive to our first location Chateau Gramophone. Outside we met up with the great explorer Luc De Cock, where, after scaring the crap out of us in his black security uniform , we made our way in. Stunning building with a surreal interior, one of the most intact/untouched places I`ve had the pleasure to be in. onto processing report 2, my favourite explore ever !!!
  17. Well what can I say! its a miracle im actually doing a report and letting PS have a break Armed with our list of places to see this was second and after the hangmans hunting lodge we as you can imagine were "on one" so to speak! As we drove past we caught a glimpse of her ... with in minutes were parked, bags on back and inside...This place is a must for anyone in the area..the architecture is simply stunning...as you can imagine we took masses of pics so heres a selection of our favourites from both of us..i hope you enjoy her as we did.. That's all for now folks!
  18. I don't really post reports anymore, not really got the time and with my lack of vocabulary prowess they usually turn into a yawn-fest (which is probably why most of you are thinking who the hell is this guy lol ) . However I just wanted to share some images from my latest ( and probably last ) UE excursion. No desire to explore the UK anymore so my last few outing have usually had a European flavour. Better locations, better weather, better Lolz and less hassle, with the language barrier a disgruntled "clear off" is usually the worst case scenario. That said security and the Carabiniere still made an appearance on this tour, heck even the Mayor of one town showed up for the festivities.......only to be nearly run over by a fleeing Mr Oldskool!! Visited some great sites with great company, got a sun tan, lol'd a lot,car chase with the fuzz, ran over the Mayor and experienced Italian Karaoke night. A great way to spend a few days!! Hope you enjoy the images Critical Out - Maybe for the last time lol [
  19. As you may have noticed i'm not big on doing reports anymore. Probably though no other fact that i can't be arsed half the time and that it takes me so long to edit the shots that by the time im done several thousand people have already seen it, bought the t-shirt etc, etc. Anyhow's, here we are again. June 2012 saw the tourists hit Belgium and France (briefly)and did it the only way a tourist would, by seeing everything that everyone else has already seen As much as we failed, we succeeded. Dodgy sat nav's bad co-ordinates and a close encounter with France's finest couldn't stop us rolling across this fine country on our quest to boldly go where everyone one else has been. These places don't need any introduction and i don't intend to start now, so sit back, put your feet up and i hope you enjoy the pics. Cheers for looking
  20. So after what has seemed like years of waiting and watching every explorer and their uncle get to taste the derelict delights Europe has to offer finally it was the turn of our motley group (bar Mookster the jammy sod as it feels like he's been over here more times than I've had hot dinners) to head on over the pond. After barreling down the A12 from Essex and snatching up Jess, Mookster and I from the arsehole end of London, known to the locals as Orpington and to everyone else as 'don't go there, especially after dark' our heroic party consisting of the already mentioned loonies as well as Ant_43 (aka Gorilla Face) and our noble driver Bones Out (aka Bones Out) arrived at our destination and the beginning of what was to be our grand European Urbex Adventure. In Dover. Arriving perhaps a little earlier than planned (our train wasn't leaving until 11pm) a few quick local explorers were hastily arranged beginning with perhaps truly the greatest explore ever known to mankind, the veritable mansion known as Bushy Ruff House. This glorious site, built in 1797, is still in tip-top mint condition and comes with all it's original features such as walls and holes for windows, even some floor if you are lucky, and will leave any explorer worth his salt speechless, even ones jaded by the past glories of sites such as Pyestock will see they but pale in comparison to this mighty edifice. Worth the journey down alone. Highly recommended. "OK guys, everyone point to the best explore you have EVER done!" So dazzled were we by Bushy Ruff's radiance we at first completely walked past it trying to find the bloody thing, ending up on a sheer path overlooking some tennis courts and finally in someones back garden before one member of our party helpfully pointed out that perhaps the crumbling burnt out pile we initially dismissed in the first instance was the site we were looking for all along. So back we go, acquiring along the way some strange looks from the locals playing in said courts. Like they've never seen 5 explorers loaded with camera gear getting hopelessly lost thirty feet from a derp before. Tssh. Bellies full of fish and chips and now with a train to catch we bid adios to dear ol’ Blighty and the very confused seagull trying to hitch a lift from the queuing cars. Through the night we drive and through various stages of consciousness I slumbered until we finally arrive at stupid o’clock to our weekends first foray into continental exploring, Grand Moulins, an impressive gothic structure I have fuck all photos of. Yes, after an hour or two of me enjoying a pleasant mooch in the dark around the grounds stupidly waiting for the sun to creep up over the horizon so I could finally get some outside shots without having to use my clumpy tripod and my camera now finally half way out my bag our visit was somewhat interrupted by the local fuzz, one of whom was, as has already been pointed out in past reports, a total babe. Thankfully more amused than annoyed the six officers escorted us back to our car which by this point had been completely boxed in by very official looking police vehicles and another half a dozen coppers. Clearly it was a quiet night for the Lile force. After giving Jess a half hearted telling off (she being the only one who could speak french all the rest of us could do was just try and look as sheepish as possible) we were free to leave which we did. Quickly. So, onto the explores. DAY ONE Doel A graffiti artists wet dream, Doel is an abandoned village North of Antwerp. Mostly brought up by the port wanting to expand, and left to ruin while the few residents that now remain slowly trickle out, it is now awaiting demolition but in the mean time this unique explore has become a living street art gallery with some of the finest examples of graffiti I have ever seen. A finer place as any to mooch, the vast amount of space available to freely wander meant the group split up and met back up again several times. You could quite easily spend an entire day here but we had other fish to fry so just a very enjoyable morning it was to be. Bones Out lending a helpful hand by scaring away Doel's last few remaining residents. No explanation required. Du Parc I rather arrogantly thought this place was a shit hole. Possibly me literally stepping in a pile of shit and skidding for a good couple of feet, nearly taking out Ant in the process, swayed my opinion of it somewhat. Most of the explore I spent sulking with my camera firmly in my bag incase of any more poop related incidents but looking at the shots the others in the group came back with I can see that perhaps I was a tad hasty in rushing to my judgement of this site. It does have some photographic potential. (It’s also a shit hole.) I do like this picture I took though. One of the few things left standing in there. Tapioca House Now we are talking. Possibly my favourite site from our little weekend away. Greeted by a local walking her dogs while we were all standing conspicuously outside the site with our big fuck off camera bags and tripods doing everything but whistling and looking aimlessly up at the sky in trying not to look like we were until about a second before planning on nipping around the fence and rolling on in. Thankfully she was very understanding of our very obvious mental illness and spoke briefly about the site before bidding us good day and thus our planned entry continued undisturbed. I spent a worryingly long amount of time in here and no doubt frustrated the hell out of the rest of the party who probably just wanted to take a few shots and bugger off but with this site being the way it was and me a self described ‘stuff photographer’ I was well and truly in my element and it would have taken an armed swot team descending on the site to get me to leave before I was well and truly done (which thankfully for me, but not for the rest of my group, never happened). Mook meanwhile was having a little kip in the car. Just because. In most of the rooms I got so caught up in taking close up shots I forgot to take any wides. Doh. Hofstadt Swimming Stadium Last stop of the day, Hofstadt Swimming Stadium, which was an unusual little explore with not a whole lot happening but still made for a couple of nice snaps and a chance to explore in the fresh air and baking hot Belgian sunshine for a change. Bumped into some fellow explorers here. Pretentious arty shot ahoy!
  21. Our trip started at a liesurly 2am with a drive down to dover to meet 2 of the others then onto the ferry,so no sleep friday night. Once we got off the ferry we headed to le foret and as we got within a mile or two from the place the heavansopened and all hell broke loose with thunder and lightning of the Epic variety which meant we had to wait it out..turns out the secca spotted us as we drove by a gate so followed us out and when we pulled up to check satnav he came up to car to point out many french words,i understood police which he mentioned many times so off we went to maybach and then onto many others ,some simple enough others met with more angry french speaking men and a few close calls leading to GTFO situations..so this is what we photographed on our trip. Just a heads up if anyones thinking of visiting pre metro be aware its got a lot of work going on and concrete type ofstuff sprayed on the tunnels with no original lighting left in place and thick sludge underfoot so didnt grab any pics of that! Visited with SpaceInvade,Sx-riffraff and the crazyfool..thanks fro driving mate it was a long old few days! Theater Jeusette Crystallerie Val Saint Lambert Chapel de anciens Church of Bones Crachoir piscine Preventorium Dolhain Agnus Die MayBach I did hear demo had started ,cant remember which report that was on..quick heads up its well and truly geting torn down ,no walls on one side lots of dismantling going on by the looks of it and quite a busy site,so we grabbed the turbine part and got on our way. Managed to get up to the gantry but didnt fancy walking along it to get the angle i wanted so this had to do A return is in order to finish off the main parts of our list that we couldnt get to for one reason or another ..
  22. Following on from Mooksters rather excellent recent report from our trip across the pond, allow me to give you bicycle porn and derps from erbex's most visited. So I will spare any history, it's all well known. Fun filled with excellent company, as this hobby should be, two and a half days driving over 650 miles, ten sites, and I never creamed anyone! Grands Moulins de Paris mill. From downstairs I hear “ Guys, we have company†“Ooâ€Â, said I, “Fellow explorers?†Not unless they are in white shirts and black trousers! Really don’t know why they climbed that dirty tall fence, much easier way in I thought. 1 policeman, 2 policeman 3 policeman 4…… 5 policeman 6 policeman 7 policeman 8…….. And 1 outside blocking in my ‘Engleesh stuupeed’ car, with 3 of theirs. Got lucky after spurting hand sanitizer all over policeman 9, he had a sense of humour, they all did. Poppy, call me :-) I'm not one for Graff, but the deserted village of Doal just worked early morning And a windmill that has been everything, including a bowling alley. Villa Wallfahrt And my favourite, it's been respected so far, only two explorers 'tags' in the dust, which don't feel right here at all.
  23. The weekend just gone, I spent a mad couple of days in France and Belgium with a group of four who'd never been before. Probably the most fun I have had for a long long time, it was non stop laughs and action all the way and, even though I was acting as tour guide so didn't see anything new to me, I enjoyed not shooting as much photos and just wandering around the locations soaking up the atmospheres and sounds, smells etc. We kicked off at truly stupid o'clock in France, with the plan seeing the sunrise from the top of Grands Moulins de Paris mill. However it soon became clear the cloud was stubbornly not going anywhere, but I managed to get a couple of shots from the top anyway. Three of the group didn't tackle the stairs up to the top, as it quickly became clear to me that in the intervening 14 months since my last visit the place has become even more of a massive death trap than it was before, and it won't be long until almost all of the top 2 floors is totally inaccessible. After it got a bit lighter we headed down and around the other parts, and three of us were halfway up the main tower when we heard the other two say from further down 'guys, there are four security guards walking across towards the building'. Staying put for a moment we tracked their movements and realised they were climbing into the site. Recognising the light blue shirts and dark trousers as those worn by the rozzers we quickly decided that as there were four of them, the best thing to do would be do go down to ground level and see what was up, no point running around a lethally dangerous derelict building hiding. The three of us emerged with the other two nowhere to be seen, and we spotted four of the police officers coming round towards us. We waved at them and they came over, and suddenly four more appeared from somewhere else! So we were surrounded by seven of the finest French policemen and one utter babe of a police woman who turned out to be the one who spoke the best English. Now it could have gone either way, but pretty much as soon as they saw we had camera gear and weren't going to burn the place down it was all laughter and smiles from both sides, we got the usual 'this is private and very dangerous' talk and a couple of other questions about our car etc, once the others in our group showed up we were free to leave with them following. Getting back to our car we found it boxed in by a trio of police cars with another officer standing guard taking the total to nine, which must have been nearly all the officers on duty at 5.30am that morning! After they had finished doing whatever amongst themselves they bid us farewell and we left, sadly without the total hottie's phone number.... More here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157634651305780/ It was then off to Doel which has a separate thread, after Doel we hit up Du Parc Stockings Factory Last that day was the Swimming Stadium, we met a small group of like-minded people in here so had a good chat, it was nice to see this place not with an extra metre of water in it like it was last year! More http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157634651661944/ Sunday saw us head to the awesome Villa Wallfahrt, one of my favourite Belgian residential sites. This used to be a religious hospice for terminal patients judging by the various bits of paperwork left behind and multitude of condolence cards and it closed around the mid-1990s. Sad to report though that someone has had the stuffed Pheasant away! I took a more complete set of photos back in March, this is what I got this time though. More http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157634645185463/ Last stop after a change of plans was Atelier Decor, I think my group was pleasantly surprised here, it is a very photogenic location. Again, I took a much more comprehensive set of photos back in March. More http://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/sets/72157634651715822/ The group also did Tapioca Farm and Bowling Mill but I chose to have a little sleep in the car for both of those having covered them comprehensively back in March. The other non-urbex highlights had to be accidentally taking private service road through a tunnel in Brussels emerging in a totally different tunnel, 2 of the group walking down the Dunkirk beachfront promenade wearing Cyberman and Gorilla masks, crashing into the side of the Eurotunnel train and just general messing about the whole way...how a trip should be!
  24. History: At a neat 600 yards in length, Neidpath/South Park/Peebles/Castle Hill Tunnel - take your pick! - threaded the Symington Biggar & Broughton Railway through a projecting shoulder of rock under South Park Woods. Originally proposed by the Caledonian Railway in 1846, the scheme met with fierce opposition from the North British Railway, operators of the line to the east of Peebles. It eventually saw steam in 1864. In the early part of the 20th century, Nobel Prize winning scientist C T R Wilson used the tunnel - after traffic had ceased for the night - to conduct experiments with his cloud chamber to prove (or not) the existence of cosmic radiation. The line saw a considerable amount of traffic during World War II and it is often rumoured that the tunnel served as a hiding place for the Royal Train while the King and Queen were inspecting the damage caused by the Blitz on Clydeside. However the fact that the route is single track and a stabled train would effectively block it casts much doubt on this story. The tunnel remained operational until 7th June 1954 although the passenger service had ended four years earlier. It was latterly used by the Wemyss & March estate for the movement of timber. Costing £14,431 to drive from either end and a central shaft, the bore is brick-lined for most of its length but with masonry portals. Although the western section is straight, a southerly curve is encountered around 150 yards from the east end. There are no refuges but, close to the centre, an unlined chamber is cut into the northern wall. Today Neidpath Tunnel benefits from a Grade B listing. Visit: After a couple of failed adventures me and JustSam(non member) decided to go and look for Hobbits, arriving a Peebles the tablet came out for Pooble maps. Ok so it did not work in Peebles nor did the Iphone or Samsung Sll. After a couple of slaps from JustSam for suggesting we go get ice cream instead we set off to find the viaduct........intuition and AA road map did the job. Armed with soft mints we set off, across the old viaduct towards the portal. Lucky for us someone had left the door open. As the light behind disappeared, JustSam did her usual trick of "turn the torch off", *not that the pitch black of a tunnel freaks me out or anything* A deep breath and couple of softmints later *ok few screams aimed at JustSam was more like it* Soon after we came across Hobbits camp, a chamber cut out in the tunnels rock once used by the railway workers. The feeling of being watched deep with in the shadows forced us to carry on a little quicker. Our adventure took a chilly turn I was still thinking about ice cream, but do believe JustSam was thinking more about icewilly An enjoyable couple of hours spent and time to head back across he Hobits viaduct thanks for looking
  25. explored with ... wevsky , Sx Riff Raff and Crazy Fool a little history ... hf6 steel industry dates back to 1817 when industrialist John Cockerill established the first metallurgical company here. Surviving blast furnace no.6 was built in 1959 and was active until 2008. Despite of several promises the plant has never been restarted. Now with upcoming provincial elections the blast furnace became point of interest again. Candidates behind MR-IC party plans to convert the site into a industrial heritage park... ON WITH THE PICS ... [*=center]Thanks for looking ...