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Found 4 results

  1. This is the old fire station in Brive. It was derelict all the time I lived in France & whilst I was there it was occupied by Gipsies for about 2 years. I don't think they left with good grace so the place is rather trashed. The roof felt like a trampoline so I didn't explore that much plus the fact it was pissing down when I arrived....... Pics Always wary of fluid coming out of old toilet areas. Full set https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/sets/72157654929313545 Thanks for looking.
  2. I was unsure if I was to post this one or not as it is a bit trashed, but thought I would as it is full of nice bits and bobs and has stood the test of time, so I Visited here with my mate after we had been checking out a few old Gun placements along the coast and decided to pop in and have a look. He said the elements have started to destroy it all since the start of the year. You could see just how bad the rot was and that it wont be long till it is gone. Such a shame really as it has some interesting little bits and bobs scattered all around. As for the history of the place I could not see anything on-line about it, but it would be apparent that it was a Holiday cottage, and has not been in use for a long long time. From the Chalet From the old train Carriage. The car park looks rather cool as well.
  3. Had a bit of spare time on my hand and I needed to take a photo for my UNI work so thought we would head up here as I had not been before.. We knew it was a bit trashed to say the least.. The top floor is soaking from leaking sky lights, so be careful as it is only a matte of time I guess till that comes down We just stomped about checking out the few decent(ish) bits and pieces then bid the place farewell. The location is a bit strange as it is placed right in the middle of a little village, and now just sits there. HISTORYNICKED FROM theoccipital who nicked it from the BEEB This is taken from the BBC News website from around the date of its closure 2002: The only residential clinic for alcoholics in Lincolnshire is to close but a senior specialist has warned the move is a dangerous one. The Ferdowse Clinic at Heckington near Sleaford has treated up to 2,000 people since it was set up 15 years ago. But the focus for funding residential care nationally has shifted to illegal drugs and the Ferdowse is no longer regarded as a priority. But the clinic's medical director has warned alcohol is a bigger problem than headline-catching drugs. Dr Mostafa Morsy said: "It is dangerous that alcoholics are being denied the chance to receive residential treatment. "It is dangerous that the government is giving priority to drugs because alcohol is far more dangerous than illegal drugs." Tom Edwards had a drinking problem for 30 years before coming to the clinic. It cost him his career in the televison industry and many of his friends. He said: "I was going round in a kind of vicious circle. When I crossed the threshold of the Heckington clinic my battle with the bottle was done - and the bottle had won - I had given in." Since his treatment he has been alcohol-free for three years.
  4. Another bar destroyed by the ongoing feuds & politics engaged in by the big clubs on Ibiza. Looks like it re-opened 2004 http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night/reviews/2004/morgana_170704_i.htm blurb Morgana is a mix of chill-out gardens, VIP terraces and indoor dance club. Lavishly decorated both inside and out in Arabian style complete with comfy sofas under Moroccan tents, wrought iron furniture, lanterns and elaborate paving, no expense has been spared in creating the ultimate night time venue. I think it closed 2005 'cause I can't find anything on it after that & I visited in 2014. Any way enjoy the decor......... AK Morgana front by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana entrance by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana bar by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana fire place by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana counter by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana bar by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana lounge seating by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana lounge by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana rear by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana terrace by Infraredd, on Flickr AK Morgana till by Infraredd, on Flickr Full set https://www.flickr.com/photos/infraredd/sets/72157648575250352/ Thanks for looking