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Found 4 results

  1. The Explore I know this one has been done to death lately but I really enjoyed this place, so many bits and bobs to shoot in there.. Crazy how much stuff has been moved and hidden in cupboards and stuff though.. Sorry for the amount of close up shots, usually don't post reports like this but couldn't help myself in here! Sadly didn't get any shots outside of the cars or the house as my battery ran out and somehow lost my spare somewhere that day The History Afraid I don't have any history on this house sorry, only thing I've heard is that the lady who lived there passed away around 2002
  2. Visited this delightful little place on a trip to Wales.the downstairs was really cluttered,but when you started going through the rubbish there was some real nice stuff here.the upstairs was a lot cleaner though.
  3. Stopped in here on the way up to snowdonia for a weekend of kayaking, camping and exploring unfortunately not as much exploring as we had hoped as we turned up at very well boarded up cloud house win some you loose some, consider that boat missed. Its definitely on the rear end of its derelict lifespan id say, its plenty trashed inside which is a shame, most the rooms have clearly been set up for shots which is fine, as you can see i took the same shots myself but of course its never the same as being in one of those untouched, frozen in time spaces. Still plenty of knick-knacks and stuff about though which was nice for me as i wanted to play about with my prime lens. Haven't found anything on other reports about the history of the house unfortunately. ta muchly for looking, have fun and stay safe kids!
  4. Went here with the usual crew Katia, born2misbehave, Jammin, shush and Toby. This was the first on the list of places for the day and what a way to start, there was plenty left behind in this house and if you see my flickr the pocket watches were my favourit things in the house. cant put a date on when it was abandoned because there was so many calenders up in the place with all differant years on them! The house wont have long left I dont think, given the massive crack through the back of it that you can stick your hand through:eek: For some reason the screens had been removed from the old TVs, the one in the first pic was put back in badly haha