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Found 7 results

  1. A superb place.. It is a school and features beautiful gardens, ruined church, derelict labs, art classroom, an old manor house, amphitheatre, canteen, swimming pool, music room. e.t.c It's got a lot! I have been here many times now,(without permission haha) and have shot it professionally for a location library too, I am good friends with the caretaker and owner now so it's there to use if I need it. It closed late 2000, due to lack of money. I believe the main house is listed but not sure of the other buildings. All in all, a huge variety and mixture, and a great place to explore. 1 2 - great room 3 - school labs! 4 - haha.. sorry 5 6 7 8 - Synagogue 9 10 - Those stairs.. wonderful 11 - The overgrown office rooms 12 - my friend Fraser 13 - Retro TV 14 - Squash court 15 - my dad joined me on this trip.. He didn't keep very quiet! haha Monkey. 16 - Shower rooms 17c- Manor House/Blue toning I have done several client shoots here too
  2. If any are interested I saw this pop up on my news feed. Organised by The London Transport Museum. Charing Cross That tour will take you through parts of Charing Cross that were closed in 1999 stretching underneath Trafalgar Square. The tunnels are now used largely for filming movies and TV shows, with Daniel Craig chasing Javier Bardem around an area slyly disguised as Temple Station in Skyfall. The recent Paddington film was shot there too. Tours take place in June and July with tickets released on 17 April at £25 (£20 concessions). The second tour in Clapham South is even more exciting, as it includes a visit to the deep level shelter next to the main tunnels which was used in the Second World War during air raids. This one represents an extremely rare opportunity to get to parts of the Underground not normally open to the public. Tours take place in October with tickets released on 17 April at £30 (£25 concessions). See more here. http://londonist.com/2015/04/rare-chance-to-tour-disused-tube-tunnels-used-in-skyfall.php
  3. Well it's about time I posted something that hasn't been posted elsewhere previously and indeed hot from Lightroom 3 and Photomatix I bring you this mill. I'm Rubbish at the whole research bit so not found much info on this. It was owned by Samuel Firth of Gatehead, Marsden and opened in 1888. There are plans to convert it into homes, gym etc, etc. Though locals are sceptical as there were plans previously in 2007 that came to nothing. I paid 3 visits here - one solo and very brief late in the day, with Zero81 , again late in the day and again a fairly short visit and finally with Sonyes and Nyx but we'd not been in long when a curtain twitching neighbour interrupted and cut short our visit. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Proper Yorkshire Millage right there.
  4. So a fair few people i have done this and it is one of my favorite sites to explore, still so much to see in there. In 2012 i managed to get in there total of four times, so instead of doing four different reports i decided to stick it all in one mega thread covering all of the visits, so sorry for the mass photo spamming Right lets start off with a little history, Built in 1904 the small building called Rank hovis was the first mill on the site but not in the area at the time, how ever In 1920, Vernon & Sons was taken over by Spillers Limited which resulted in the name Spillers millennium mills being named. most of the main building was rebuilt in 1933 to appeal to the current times. The mills at the height of their time where the one of the largest suppliers of flour to the south of the uk at the time, supplying their "millennium" graded flour which was voted winner after the 1899 "miller challenge cup" . photo taken in the prime of the site The mills, before their part destruction in the early 1990's [ see here for some nice photos of that http://www.flickr.com/photos/millenniummills/sets/72157611257381816/with/3107584883/ covered almost 60 acres, which as many know is still laying pretty much empty, their have been failed attempts to bring life back into the area such as the failed "pleasure gardens" see here for that : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-19114930 and it would cost upwards of £1.5 billion to fully revamp the site, so until then this white lady will sit their awaiting a second chance. Ok so boring bits over, Visit No. 1, explored with 3 other non forum members. At the time being still rather new to the scene, this was the largest thing i had ever attempted, explored with 3 others [ non forum members], we met in the wee hours of the morning and waited till a certain car drove past and dived into the hedge, getting over the spiky fence and inside. By the time we arrived and go inside after wondering around trying to find out how [ told you i was new to the scene at the time d:] the heavens had opened and we where all drenched to bone.. the broken gutter outside that we had to pass under didnt help that. Now inside and sitting on concrete shivering, someone made the decision to wait till it was light outside before heading onwards.. yeah that was a fun time.. anyway here are some of the photos from visit no.1 : Now in MM we had a little encouragement ;] Getting out was fun, after creeping out and peeking around the corner to the palisade we where met with a silver pickup ;].. ok we said we will wait it out.. 10..20..30 minutes pass he's still sitting there, ok so he knows we are here somehow, now how do we get out, ahh around the spikey fence, so we make our way around said fence, 2/4 around, then all we here is oi.. i turn around about 20ft away is a grey old secca walking towards us, never seen two people get around that fece so quickly lol, anyway secca seemed to of given up chasing us by the time we got out rest : http://www.flickr.com/photos/urdex/sets/72157629464375342/with/7083256473/ Explore No.2 : Explored with 2 non forum members :This one was done near the time the pleasure gardens opened.. around the same time Nick Franglen was doing his "art project" in MM, this consisted of a vegetable garden, a tv and 100 solar boats on the roof, more info here : http://www.franglen.net/legacy.html .. there was some photos taken by mr Franglen when he was in there, getting compost around and making the boats but they're long gone im affraid. Anyway we set out to find these. But with the pleasure gardens around the front we decided to go via the back entrace and go by boat ;], it was a quick in, take some photos, get to the roof and enjoy the view type splore so most photos are from the roof. although we did not find any of the art projects we did have a good time =] Onto the photos : and a better group shot Getting out we had a nice slow row enjoying the morning sun, about the only explore i've done where it got more relaxe as time went on,usually gets more stressful lol Rest : http://www.flickr.com/photos/urdex/sets ... 096958910/ explore No.3, explored with one other non forum member. This time it was a few months after the pleasure gardens had failed and we where met with a Palisade outside, We where determined to find the art projects we missed the time before. After scouting around for a while we found a way and then went around the palisade that saved us the first time, got to see most of the bits we missed the first time and had a very nice splore in general, no hassel, although climbing the palisade on the way out was a tad tricky... vegetable bed : sadly the plants looked a bit sorry for them selfs, after seeing a sign saying if i look dry please water me, it was clear my Franglen expected more splorers in there ... Secca probably having a doze in his hut ^^ And finally remembered to take a photo of D-silo We did also find the solar boats on the roof but forgot to taken any photos of them [derp] rest at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/urdex/sets/72157631534153341/ And finally Explore no.4, done with 3 other non forum members, This one was a last minute split choice between this and another site for NYE, in the end we decided to go for this one because we guess there would no secca present.. turns out we where right, go in the grounds and casually wondered over, went around the same palisade.. which no had a barge docked next to it and extra razor wire.. which made things tricky .. still want my hat back... Photos not that great this time, was too busy enjoying the view of fireworks in every single direction !.. oh and the champagne probably didnt help Getting out was no fun, One guy took a palisade spike to the hand and we ended up in A&E most of nye morning.. luckily the first house party we ran into, the hosts where paramedics... what are the odds ??, Don't worry hes alive we well Rest at : http://www.flickr.com/photos/urdex/sets ... 416844796/ i hope to return once again to this place, hopeful with good light and get some more creative shots
  5. Seven of us left England very early in the morning! Still cannot believe we got seven blokes, camera gear and “overnight bags†into a Zaffira ! A race across France and into Belgium..suspiciously eyeing the weather after each kilometre..yes there was snow on the ground.. Armed with many satellite navigational aids “Google Maps†managed to deliver us to our destination..well..almost..it was the hill on the other side of the valley! After a hysterical climb up the hill and then down it and then up the other side we finally managed to spot the tower of the Chateau through the trees. A quick walk round the building and we found our entry point..albeit a little smelly..clearly the custodian of Noisy does not want people in there..the rotting carcass of a dead deer is a little much on the stomach even for a bunch of seasoned explorers. Still we were in! Briefly ! After rattling off a couple of shots of the main staircase the lunatic gamekeeper trolled up in his Landover and started unlocking the main front door..we scarpered up onto the first floor landing whilst some of our party headed back for the basement!...the dam dogs sniffed us out and then the fun really began! There is a video of the on-going embarrassing escort off the premises somewhere on the web… He never found the rest of the crew hiding in the basement or the Germans hiding in the upper parts! Our first explore in Belgium…what a welcome! I mainly just got pics of the fabulous staircase..or what's left of it ! The Main Staircase.. Nothing like a good erect column ! Such beauty in decay.. You should never forgot to look up when exploring ! That's one very cool ceiling (apologies for the "urbex ghosts" in the pic ) As I said..one very brief visit..never even got a pic of the outside
  6. Lidos, which were enclosed sea bathing pools, became increasingly popular as the trend for sea bathing became an ever more sought after pastime of the Victorian era. In the 1920's the Lido at Cliftonville was completed to cater for the popularity of sea bathing. The Lido was built on the existing Clifton Baths Estate, beneath which ran many passageways used by smugglers in previous centuries. The underground complex consisted of bars, cafes and an indoor warm sea water pool with nearby changing facilities. There was also a huge amount of tunnels roumored to have ran under the lido and also connecting the nearby Margate caves. The Lido was hugely popular from it's construction right through to the 1960's. A winter storm in January 1978 which destroyed Margate Pier also wreaked havoc with the Lido, particularly the outdoor pool. Reconstruction work was never even considered, and even today the Lido faces almost certain demolition. I had visited this place last year with fortknox0 but my time was cut short and I was unable to photograph the place so myself, Fortknox0, Frosty and maniac went to look for a way in. finally back inside the place I was able to photograh it. About a week later myself, Fortknox0 and Frosty returned with Rooks and Speed for another look. This place is amazing and so big and ALL underground. The highlight for myself was the underground smugglers port. This was big and amazing. This is still tidal, this is great but if the place is visited at high tide then the changing rooms and some of the rooms/passages flood. On with some pictures; Thanks for looking