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Found 12 results

  1. may 2019 I have no info about this camp in the wood near Coed Trefaith
  2. I been retired pretty much from the explore scene now for about 18 months and had the opportunity to spend the day with my Daughter in Hampshire so took the kids for a traipse in the woods..was told there was an old cottage that was boarded up near one the many trails..we found it and saw it was wide open so had a look around..nothing much left except a few fire places but the kids loved it so mission accomplished. After a bit of a walk,we spotted said house Closer now Kitchen cum Dining room range Just a few holes,nothing to worry about.. Living room Bedroom Front door with entrance down to the basement. Basement And finally,the fire place in the basement. So that was the foresters house..I was told it was haunted but I have yet to substantiate this claim.
  3. Just a small plane in a forest
  4. Explored a long road and found a house that was abandoned, some evidence of vandalism, not the most interesting of building but the way it has naturally fallen is quite beautiful
  5. The last location I did in 2015. It's not really a chateau, more like a big house, but codenames can be tricky sometimes I guess. The owner had lots of cars, on the last pictures I saw from other people there were more spectacular ones, but I guess they cleaned up the garden. A lot of mess in most rooms, but two of the rooms where actually quite worth photographing!
  6. This building was actually a single room schoolhouse, and on Sundays, the chairs were turned and it served as a chapel to the small hamlet of Bedham. It was built in 1880 and abandoned in about 1960. A nice casual explore, and one I have wanted to see for a while. Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed
  7. Built in 1884 to provide water storage for the Leyland area the reservoir was decommissioned in 1992. It provided locals with water for 108 years and in it's heyday it stored up to 300,000 Gallons of water. English heritage twice turned down applications to have it listed stating it was "Neither a rare nor an exceptional example of it's type" It was previously owned by united utilities until March 2013. It will shortly be demolished to make way for 14 new homes. With eleventy billion people milling round the place it was impossible to get many shots without several people in shot, but here's the images I managed to grab.
  8. I've been trying to get into here for over a year now without success, it's a shame that the only way in was a permission visit as it's due to be demolished. there were quite a few people coming and going which was a bit irritating especially as they kept coming over to see what I was taking pics of.
  9. When I saw photos of this place I thought - wowee gotta go there. But the anticipation can be better than the realisation. The place is absolutely shot, impossible to see anything upstairs and downstairs is pretty limited as far as interestingness goes. Anyway, I hope that some of this gives you a different view. The history I found is that this is the 'new' house built in 1802 and replaced one which was first mentioned in 1570. It seems that by 1973 it was already derelict. Apologies to fans of exterior shots, um, this one is all I took The showpiece Venetian stair window: The best room:
  10. Evening all, First post in a while as I usually come back from tour and bounce around from one location to another so never finish a set more or less straight away. I tend to edit as I go and only upload a few everyday. This place was the last stop of the tour before we flew home. Deep out in Luxembourg and following some dodgy co-ords we managed to get here thanks to some help from fellow explorers. It was worth the 80 mile diversion just to get into this place. Not to mention walking through deep forest and in hot afternoon sun the day before. We gave up first time while gathering some info and spent the night close by in the hotel with the plan to do this as the last and 12th stop of the tour. We had over 2 hours left to do this so the three of us systematically went from room to room and revisited bits until we finished just in time to leave and drive the 40 miles to Luxembourg airport. Without giving away any details, I can't really comment on this place as I know no history. Anyway, on with the photos. #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 There are a few more to be added via the usual channels but these were the main ones I wanted to share on this particular report.... Thanks for looking in.
  11. Stop number two in the excellent company of Mr Toby, Skanky Pants, Shush and Auntie Pat. A very sad old place, the home of composer Ipolit Motchaloff, his wife and their son who sadly dies at the age of six from Lukhemia. Theres a whole load of documentation covering his diagnosis through to a letter from the doctor confirming his cause of death, all very sobering. An absolute treasure trove of bits and bobs and a great way to spend a few hours looking at the gems in amongst the clutter. Thanks for looking. Mr Motchaloff Mrs Motchaloff and their son A young Ipolit Motchaloff An eagle eyed Shush found this photo of the place as it looked back in the day with a shot from the current state behind.
  12. Had some time to kill this morning so I decided to go for a walk around the MOD training area at Reinden Woods. Part of the East Kent Dry training area acquired by the MOD in 1938 for training leading up to WW2. This place is littered with open brick bunker type things I found at least 10 good ones and loads that had been demolished. I also found 4 of these brick base with concrete roof bunkers, with a door at each end. There is also a large building with no windows apart from the two front slots, maybe it was some kind of power plant as it has two chimneys at one end. There is a steel door each end, unfortunately padlocked. Front: Rear / chimney: The bogs and a funny little hut in a clearing. I think there is a lot more to be found in there, a woman who scared the crap out of me by asking what I was taking photos of while I was engrossed, said that there was at least 1 large underground tunnel that her dog found about 10 years ago but could not remember where it was apart from it was on the north side of the woods and the entrance was 3 or 4 ft tall and on a hill side. She said she was in there 10 mins looking for her dog there was a single long tunnel with at least 8 rooms off of it