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Found 4 results

  1. Before 3 years when we start to climb, this chimney look like us impossible. And now after 3 years we can say from the top: It was difficult, but who know how, can make it always. In first try we was spotted by workers and talk whit them. We told him, we are photographers and they say us to leave. But we dont give up! After 5 minutes we try again. With sneaking and hiding, we were successful go to chimney and climb it. From the top we watched workers and their movements. If you want watch the video :
  2. As soon as I saw this place pop up on here I was planning a trip! All the cool computers and working lights were too much to resist, and my only hope was it would all still be running by the time I got over there. Not only were all the computers still on, there were actually more of them! This cool location is currently being upgraded to fully computerised control systems. What you see here is state-of-the-art production and it's pretty bloody impressive! Visited with SpiderMonkey and two non-members. 1. The mighty steel production area 2. View down the production area 3. Small control room 4. Machinery for working with the newly produced steel 5. Control station turned on and ready to be used 6. Electric Arc furnace 7. Dark control room 8. Workers newspapers and safety glasses 9. Control panel 10. Process control system display on computer screen 11. Control room had a radio playing 12. Control room with lots of computers sill running 13. Computer display 14. Steel production area 15. Wheel barrow and machinery 16. After production the steel would make its way through the rolling mill production lines 17. Rolling mill from above 18. Rolling mill production line 19. Rolling mill control room 20. Machinery in the rolling mill 21. Row of machines 22. Heavy lifting equipment in the rolling mill
  3. This place is local to me and Ive passed it up many a time due to it looking so completely trashed, until one rainy Saturday afternoon when our plans were completely ruined by the continuous down pour !. Work commenced on Snowdown Pit in 1908 and the first coal was brought to the surface on 19th November 1912, It was the deepest pit in Kent reaching a staggering 3083ft (940metres). In 1945 the workforce was 1876 staff, that was with 1523 sub surface and 353 above, The Colliery was closed in 1986 and the shafts were capped in 1988. A few interesting buildings still remain despite being incredibly trashed, the Working Mens Club being one of them. So on with my pics from the day Well, Hope you enjoyed the little snippet of History and the selection of Pics from the day, Worth dropping In if ever in the area, Its becoming progressively trashed by the day
  4. I was down in erith at the weekend, and always on the lookout for exploring stuff, and found a old working men's club, and a pub called the Royal alfred pub in manor rd, both boarded up, didn't venture in/or around as it's not the safest area to be in, but if anyone in area wants to have a look, this is a pic of pub before being closed below, and the working men's club looks a reasonably interesting building. http://pubshistory.com/KentPubs/Erith/RoyalAlfred.shtml