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Donations to Oblvion State

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Hello Everyone, 


Like any website, Oblivion State has some running costs attached to it and unlike some communities we do not run ads, so we generate no revenue from the site. This means we rely entirely on donations from people to keep it going (or when that runs out, my credit card!)


So if you like the recent changes and like using Oblivion State, please consider making a donation towards our costs, it is massively appreciated. There is a donate box on the sidebar on the home page, or just send it directly via PayPal to [email protected] . Please make sure you attach your username, and you will get a supporters banner under your name (when I've sorted it out)


The forum costs us £24 a month to host and the new software, templates and other additions have cost around £250 to implement.


I would just like to extend my thanks to everyone for continuing to make Oblivion State a great little community, we only run this place for you guys, the people who use it! :) 



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Massive thanks to those that have donated, it is very much appreciated :) 


I will in due course sort out a supporters banner to go under your name. :) 

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