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Other Galaxy Soho, Beijing - October 2015

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Galaxy Soho is a huge office and retail space designed by world renowned architect Zaha Hadid, known for her outlandish constructions. It opened in 2012 and received a RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) international prize for it's outstanding architecture. However construction involved the demolition of some of Beijing's ancient hutongs so there was controversy over the effect of the project on Beijing's heritage. 


Having seen a couple of pictures online I fancied a look at this but never anticipated on making it up the roof. I found an open door and strolled in like I was meant to be there although much of the complex is still empty so I stood out like a sore thumb, not to mention the fact I was clearly a foreigner. I took a lift up to the top and found the emergency stairs but as soon as I opened the door I saw a security jacket only a few metres away from me coming my way. I managed to find somewhere to hide as he walked past and found a way out onto the balcony courtesy of a cleaner sweeping up out there. I ran round quickly and grabbed a few snaps before he eventually clocked me and started having a go at me in Chinese, then a woman appeared and started saying her piece as well although she seemed to find it all quite amusing. I played dumb and responded in English with lots of 'I'm just taking photos' type comments and they eventually gave up. Anyway, I didn't want to push my luck so a couple more pics and I was on my way. Anyway, pictures: 















































Thanks for looking :thumb 

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11 hours ago, Indecisive M said:

Love all the curvatures. All her designs are very shapely, unlike some of the ugly sharp corners and edges we have here! Nice one D, it works to be brazen! 


Cheers y'all and yeah her designs are pretty stunning from what I've seen, she seems pretty eccentric for an architect 

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Bloody hell, you certainly get about mate :smile: I agree with IM on the curvatures of the place. Stunning design. 15 is a cracker. Top share bud :thumb

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On 12/27/2015 at 1:02 AM, The_Raw said:



Cheers y'all and yeah her designs are pretty stunning from what I've seen, she seems pretty eccentric for an architect 


Olympic Park aquatics centre and Roca London are two of hers too

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That building looks fking crazy! Some ace pics there mate, I especially like the last one :thumb

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