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UK Canterbury Cathedral - December 2015

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Canterbury Cathedral seems to have had scaffolding round it for as long as I can remember. I lived in Canterbury for a while about 6 years ago, and it even had scaffolding round it then. If anything, there's more now than ever and several different routes to choose to the roof, so with it being Christmas and all myself and Sir Jonny P thought it'd be rude not to pop in. 


I first visited here back in March with @extreme_ironing but I had camera battery issues so came away with precisely 4 photos. Still I had a good time and planned to revisit it as soon as I could. This turned out to be a full 9 months later, well summer and stuff got in the way. I was pleasantly surprised that pretty much nothing had changed in the time between visits which surprised me, I guess work must be progressing quite slowly.  


It's certainly an impressive building up close, they're doing a lovely job on the stone. There's only so many angles you can take of a cathedral, well from this side, we didn't actually venture round the other side on this occasion. It was quite a clear night, but pretty windy! 
















Thanks for looking! 



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1 hour ago, The_Raw said:

Love it mate, some sweet pics there :thumb 


Cheers. they're actually quite poor really, it was pretty windy so trying to get them to come out in focus on longish exposures was near impossible. Still it was a fun night. :D 

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      Built in 1871 but had been refurbished at some point.
       Now, I don't do heights.. So I was chuffed to see my mate practically run towards it in excitement and go first. It was pretty high and the grated floor was not ideal if you wanted to avoid looking down. 
      The tower probably stands around 40-50 ft but exact measurements are unknown at this point.
      Apart from the odd clanging of metal under our footsteps and how wobbly it was, it was a good first climb like this for me!
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      A little gem of a place ...went here when  it was guarded by a very irrate bull lol  

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      Hi all. We have invested in a new camera and went out during the night to see how well it can handle the low light images. The result was actually rather impressive! So please enjoy the snaps we managed to get.
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