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UK St josephs orphanage December 2015

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visited with @woopashoopaa @GK-WAX @Vulex was a bit disappointed with this place to be honest looks good on the outside but totally trashed on the inside so didn't spend very long here. And it was still very dark out side and inside. So here's a bit of history and few pics...


St Joseph's Orphanage, Theatre Street, Preston has been empty for five years. The building has suffered rainwater damage and is vulnerable to vandalism according the Victorian Society.


The Victorian Society has called for action to help save St Joseph’s Orphanage from falling into serious disrepair. The Grade II listed building stands on Theatre Street in Preston city centre and has been empty for more than five years. 


In that time the building has not been protected and has been badly damaged by rainwater although it is in a conservation area.


"That such a striking building in the heart of Preston is not fully secured against vandals is truly shocking," said Kristian Kaminski, Conservation Adviser for the Victorian Society. "St Joseph's makes up a key part of Preston's heritage and should not be allowed to rot away."


The building was constructed in 1872 by R.W. Hughes and was first used as a girl's orphanage. A hospital wing was added in 1877 and was used to care for British soldiers in Word War I and II.


The building was built in 1872 by R.W. Hughes, under the patronage of Mrs. Maria Holland, and was used as an orphanage and hospital.


The building is now privately owned and since the release of the report Preston City Council has issued a written reminder to the owner to maintain the building. 


"The former St Joseph’s Orphanage was granted re-development permission in 2004. As part of the consideration of this application we intend to impose certain conditions," Phil Cousins, Principal Planning Officer for Preston City Council. 


"This will prevent the building from falling into disrepair, and will also address the concerns of the Victorian Society."


A spokesperson for the Victorian Society added, "All too often the deliberate neglect of buildings is the first step on the road to demolition, as the argument is then made that restoration is no longer economically viable. St Joseph's needs to be protected against such a fate."


























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Wow this place looks to have gone down hill! i'll wipe this one off the list then ;/


Cool set mate :thumb

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58 minutes ago, Hydro3xploric said:

Wow this place looks to have gone down hill! i'll wipe this one off the list then ;/


Cool set mate :thumb

 Yes not worth the time unless you in area was pretty shit I must admit. I was expecting more.

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It has been really trashed unfortunately, the only decent thing now is that lamp and even that isn't worth the drive. Always nice to see the current state of places. 

Thanks for sharing mate :thumb 



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On 31 December 2015 at 3:52 AM, coolboyslim said:

Nice one m8ty. I'm still gunna have a revisit. Need to see if nurse quarters and kids quarters and attic still there lol. Thx for pics m8ty 


Will give you a shout next week if you're up for it? Never quite cracked the nurses quarters despite having about 20 odd visits... 


Nice one Lavino, glad you got to see it :) Reckon there will still be some good bits, there's some cool stuff hidden away but it involves squeezing through ridiculous gaps to find them, a bit too much effort for the local chavs/emo kids to get to. Did you get on either of the roof bits, or the water logged corridor?  

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@urblex wasn't in there all that long but when we got out and looked at the place I could see that there was a lot of the build that we didn't even go into. It all set out a bit odd there.

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