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UK Abandoned Chapel, January 2016

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I visited this chapel earlier in the week after spotting it while researching another visit. I was expecting it to be mostly empty and well sealed but had a nice surprise when I got in. It was pretty dark in there, very cold, and due to being situated in the middle of a field surrounded by hundreds of crows very peaceful. I spent quite a while in there despite its small size. (non HD people feel free to press the back button :-P)



I've had a brief dig around for the history of this little chapel as it was full of character and atmosphere. Apparently its been standing there for around a thousand years but has been closed for the last twelve. Its built from sandstone and limestone. In the 1800s it was restored, covering the floor made of rushes with carpet (now removed) and creating a roof made from large stone slabs. Before then it had no roof but the addition of one allowed pews to be installed.































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Thanks chaps. I enjoyed it there :)


I dont always do HD but i like the "not too over the top" effect.

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This building and the setting looks quite beautiful. I can imagine the stillness and calm of being there.


I personally use HDR as a technique and I don't want to sound judgemental as you clearly have an eye for a good image. The great thing about the technique is it can recreate the tonal range that the eye can see....as long as its used with restraint!

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What a stunning little church! And like @jones-y-gog said you obviously have a good eye for a nice photograph, despite your style of post processing which is probably not to everyones taste, but each to their own i say! You can't please everyone in this pastime, but getting out there and enjoying it is the main thing in my opinion  :thumb 

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Its a strange thing HDR - my photographic friends hate it, my non-photographic friends love it! My camera isn't great (it's not a DSLR) but the HD really brings out the details better - plus I like playing with the different effects I can get. The style of some of @Mikeymuttresidential photos are amazing and something for me to aim for!

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That's an epic find there mate, very nice indeed. Some great shots there, especially the pews and the altar. Numbering your shots makes it easier for people to mention their favourites. I've never tried HDR myself but when done well it's great. Think some of these are spot on, a couple are a bit too saturated for my liking but just my personal preference. For instance on the last shot the sky is extremely grainy, I think it would look better with a more natural look. Cool report :thumb 

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Thanks for comments everyone :)


On 02/02/2016 at 0:31 PM, The_Raw said:

I've never tried HDR myself but when done well it's great.

With a username like that you should try it - you only need a couple of raw files to have a go :razz:

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Great start! Thats a lovely location I love the close up object shots they are really good, my first reports on here are absolutely shocking photograph wise if this is the level your starting in then your laughing!

The only CC i would say is with hdr sometimes it can make external shots and light appear the wrong texture but its a personal preference and also a phase some photographers go through. I use black and white, tone mapping and hdr as well as the occasional SOOC and pano, makes for a interesting creative journey and can produce some very different results! 

 Nice to have met you on out and about the other day! 


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