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UK Bargate Shopping Centre, Southampton - February 2016

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The Bargate Shopping Centre, Southampton - and what an explore this was. 



The Bargate Shopping Centre, named after Southampton's prominent Bargate landmark, was opened in 1989. The centre focused on being a collection of specialist outlets rather than a mainstream shopping centre, and boasted a number of technology-related stores, a sweet store, a nail salon, a photographic studio and a Sega Park arcade. It was set out over two levels and to a very simple design of a single mall leading to an atrium although there was an internet cafe on the lower ground floor of the atrium. Also off this atrium is the largest unit in the centre, originally occupied by The Reject Shop and then the Sega Park arcade from 1996 until closure. The Bargate Centre also contained a multi-storey car park.



This was a one of the more personal explores to me - it was the local hangout as a kid. Many hours were spent in the arcade with bags of sweets purchased from the sweet shop. After spending over a year with my eye on this and casing the joint (sound like a bank robber here ) it was annoying to see someone had sold it out to local newspapers. Knowing it would probably get sealed soon, we gave it our all - and it certainly paid off. We made our way to the stairwell and up to the roof, we opened the door and was greated by a rather unpleasant sight.. our access covered in heras, 2 security guards facing the other way and a fatttt german shepard in the boot of a car. We slowly backed out and went the long way.. probably the sketchiest access ever (bar the car mine of course) but after a while we were in. Spent about 45 minutes in here shooting before we discovered some rather new looking CCTV cameras, and 5 minutes later 2 security come bounding in with world's friendliest guard dog. Had the typical walk of shame, but in a way I was more than happy as it saved a monumental climb back out. Explored this one with @Biebs - certainly one to remember.
























As always, thanks for looking!

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12 hours ago, Vulex said:

Nice one Jack, please tell me you tested a few fire extinguishes :D 

I would imagine not as he probably isn't a complete dick lol. 


Lovet explore would like a look myself. 

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2 hours ago, Landie_Man said:

I would imagine not as he probably isn't a complete dick lol. 


Lovet explore would like a look myself. 

Good point. 

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Reminds me of friars walk in reading. That place is sweet. The old C&A had the safe and a few other bits left in the basement. I hear there going to be using this for military training. 

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On 3/6/2016 at 11:40 PM, Urbexbandoned said:

Thats quality mate, do like the escalator shot. At least all the hard work paid off in the end and we all have that walk of shame sometimes :thumb 


& in this case it certainly wasn't a walk of shame for me - it was the walk of happiness as I dont have to get out the difficult way ;)  

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