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Italy Blue Chapel Monastery, Italy - April 2015

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The Blue Chapel Monastery in Italy sits abandoned and features a bright blue chapel with a very large cross hanging from the ceiling. The chapel itself is the main point of interest in the place as the rest of the building was pretty well stripped back to its concrete and brick construction. Large cracks were showing within the main chapel mostly along the rear wall around a circular window which indicates some serious structural issues likely due to the years of neglect. Thankfully however, the Monastery is in a pretty isolated location and as a result remains relatively untouched and free from any major vandalism or graffiti.


Visited with Matt Andy de Kay of Behind Closed Doors and Spider Monkey.


1. BlueCM-1.jpg


2. BlueCM-2.jpg


3. BlueCM-3.jpg


4. BlueCM-4.jpg


5. BlueCM-5.jpg


6. BlueCM-6.jpg


7. BlueCM-7.jpg


8. BlueCM-8.jpg


9. BlueCM-9.jpg


10. BlueCM-10.jpg


11. BlueCM-11.jpg


More photos and higher res copies of the ones above on my website: http://www.proj3ctm4yh3m.com/urbex/2016/02/13/urbex-blue-chapel-monastery-italy-april-2015/

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That's so beautiful!! With the blue color it's looks a little magic. Looking forward to visit this one next month.  :wub:

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