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Belgium Holy Nurse Feb 16

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Another report from my euro weekender in Feb. Didnt know wether to put this in Religious sites or Hospitals, lol.

Quite enjoyed this place, in the middle of a busy town and visiting on a day where loads of tourists were out with there cameras, we had to get ourselves in 1 at a time due to its location and the amount of people about. No history other than this hospital was built in the mid 19th century.
Surprised its not in a worse state to be honest, although there was some damage in the chapel area and some left mixers which would of been hooked up to some audio eqiupment. 

On with some pics

26129861665_1e2286cc64_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


25525105284_bf80fccbd7_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


25857016830_b872650c2c_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26063522161_689c616713_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


25527234623_ec1d76ec7e_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


25525097584_f552bbc2a9_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26037367762_5881628937_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26063526091_0f5ff121ed_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


25857019100_6bd5e6615b_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26103936216_bf31e208ef_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


25525098044_f2ab80dd8d_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26129982605_7e46f627cf_b.jpgHoly Nurse by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


Thanks for taking the time to have a look


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11 minutes ago, Urbexbandoned said:

Really like this, both staircase shots are beautiful. Love the one with the stained glass :thumb 


I'd love to visit this myself :) 



Thanks very much :) yeah I'm haply with shot with stained glass in too. It's a beauty this place really, I enjoyed it 

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      The Town Mansion was originally built in 1912 by a wealthy petroleum importer. During the early 20th century, the area in which the mansion was built, had become a hub for many rich German families in the early 1900's. By 1918, once the First World War had come to an end and the town was heavily damaged by the intense bombing raids at the start of the war and then German occupation of Belgium in 1914. Only two houses in that street survived, the Town Mansion being one of those. It was then later occupied by a Belgium shipbuilder until the late 1960's, when it was used as an office space. The mansion was abandoned in 1991 and hasn't been formally resided in since.
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