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France Prison 15H May 16

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Me again, 

After a day trip to France and visiting Chateau Secession, we headed to ET Church, but it was not to be, so headed onto this place. I have been here afew times now, with each time the place being more thrashed. The travellers are still on site and you could clearly hear their loud music that day blaring in the hot sun.

On with some of my photos.

26823038312_c63c42da38_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26312767863_03bb7c4fce_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26849210731_d7c98748c1_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26849207601_b2964df1c6_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26823021432_5ab5922cbc_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26823022632_1b73711b4f_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26777904552_aafedb89fb_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26823028112_416ca8749d_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26312759773_a2443f32bb_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26312761623_0a8ae59ab7_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26883408376_aacfd4c33c_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26643923280_8b4114e16c_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26823057262_3fccb4a821_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26849227611_15bcec42b1_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26643933100_b84b9821c8_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


26883409516_4e93e8099c_b.jpgPrison 15H by Dirty Jigsaw, on Flickr


Thanks for stopping by


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Believe it or not that actually looks a bit clearer than when we visited it several months back! 

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5 minutes ago, Maniac said:

Believe it or not that actually looks a bit clearer than when we visited it several months back! 

Haha, really?! 

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Love that second shot from the corner of the site and you found some pretty cool graff in there, that Clint Eastwood mural is wicked and a nice shot too :thumb 

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This place is taking on a whole new look as it degrades further - looking more apocalyptic every time

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Nice clear pics there mate, always like seeing snaps from here. Looks like a giant book lying on the floor in one of those shots lol :) 

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      Chateau Marianne / Chateau Alchimiste
      Not much history on this location but it was rumoured to be have been once occupied by a former professor. The chateau is located in a small, rural town in France. The town's residents have halved in the last 40 years and it was beginning to look quite run down. I can imagine the nickname  'Alchimiste' (which means Alchemist in French) came from all the chemistry equipment left behind such as: test tubes, syringes, bottles, cylinders and beakers.  It seems the previous inhabitant was also a bit of an artist, we found many paintings scattered around the house and a large collection in the attic, as well as a small studio in an upstairs room. 
      I visited this beautiful chateau on a euro trip with @PROJ3CTM4YH3M. We went the previous night to check to see if it was accessible and boy we were in for a shock! Neither of us realised how much stuff had been left and how interesting the contents were. We both particularly liked the framed butterfly collection which was hung up in one of the living rooms, as it reminded us of the film 'Silence of the Lambs.'  After a short investigation we decided to return the following day and booked a hotel in a nearby town.  Arriving the next morning once sun had risen, the place was really brought into it's element. So, as always, hope you enjoy my photos!


















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      An early partial visit of blast furnaces with @Himeiji   that ended by being caught by securitas, who called another security crew, who called the cops...... I wanna go back there but I don't know if I should :s
      Hell, Mittal's a bitch, but a beautiful one xD















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      The place, called "little Lutece", the ancient name of Paris, was a holiday park with an Asian restaurant, a villa and other buildings.
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