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Bangour 2016

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Here is a little something I wrote about Bangour hospital from yesteryear to yesterday <3 May your spirit forever be honoured wise lady of old <3



I regularly visit the abandoned hospital of Bangour, or the wise lady as I sometimes refer to her as. She is situated only a short 15 or 20 minute walk from my house.


I have been taking wee walks down there now for around 5 years, but mainly since I discovered it was literally sat on my doorstep.


I used to work at Scotland's oldest asylum when I was around 18 (& I am 42 now so THATS a few years ago lol) it was called Sunny side which I believe was originally founded in 1781 by Susan Carnegie.


Sunny side is located in the Angus area just outside the town of Montrose, ( I grew up in the fishing village of Ferryden, which is just across the water from it)


This hospital held a similar history with regards to its lay out and ideas, and with regards to medicine and care, BUT unfortunately I believe has also been closed since December 2011. I have seen a few videos circulating you tube and those broke my heart and to see something so familiar and similar happening with it, i.e. the usual disrespect that befalls an abandoned historical site, vandalism, neglect etc.


I am unsure as to weather or not Sunny side has been sold or not although I have been enlightened that Bangour has finally been purchased which I think was around the end of 2015, BUT no doubt corporate greed will take precedence over what SHOULD be done with Bangour instead of what will probably become of her.


But I DO feel she definitely has the right to be treat with some respect, offering her at least the dignity in which I believe she clearly deserves.


In other words weather she is preserved, or that sections of her are demolished to make room for new fancy flats, or high end converts some one should be taking care at least to remember everything she has endured over the centuries.


However I would personally prefer to see her uniqueness, history, architecture, self sufficiency, memories and moments, as well as her medical milestones remembered and respected as well as thanking her for the wonderful grounds she has so honourably watched over and protected then, and still continues to do so now.


So, allowing that to be respectfully kept in tact. thoughts or ideas of a war and or medical museum/village forever keep replaying in my mind as I think about what once was, and could possibly be again.


SO bringing back the past to be honoured and re visited and recognised.


Imagine the shop becoming the hub of the village once more as everyday folks exchanged pleasantries over a cream tea and a scone, and the gardens bloomed and flourished once more with beautiful seasonal flowers and maybe some fruit herbs and veggies to help keep the shops larder stocked.


Imagine...families enjoying the sports field once again while refreshments are made available for the thirsty active participants or for lounging grass spectators unwinding with a lemonade or glass of wine or two.


Who knows maybe even the tired old bowling green could once more be swept and be cobweb free, as the clinking of the bowls and jack filled the air once more.


Here is an idea (purchasers of Bangour) Instead of trying to remove all traces of what a thriving place Bangour once was, why not instead try embracing it's history and catapult it forward in to the here and now...


In to the future.


What do you guys think? x

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Hi there, im guessing it will all come down to money, and usually its much cheaper to knock these places down rather than throw cash at it, sad times i know.


Ive moved this post into the general discussin section for you :)

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Hey Lenston. Thanks for your comment. You are most likely bang on the buck with regards it being probably  down to money and more than likely red tape too. I guess I am just a real old school sentimental when it comes to places of yesteryear. I often think that maybe I was born in the wrong era, failing that maybe I am reminiscing from a life past who knows. I find far too many people these days have lost all interest or compassion for historical buildings, places or sites. So tooshay there m'dear tiz very sad indeed 

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Many others share a similar sentiment, although in reality it’s very difficult to get s developer to retain even some of the buildings. Most of the time it’s only the locally listed ones that are kept, depending on how long the place has been derelict for.


And to be fair, there’s no sense in them shelling out huge amount of money retaining something that governmentsand councils often want to erase completely. They are there to make money and if retaining features or characteristics isn’t going to add value, they simply won’t invest.

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