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USA Redwood Church May 2016

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So this was my second explore of the trip and it marked the point where things immediately began to change and become somewhat more surprising. I say that because this, along with many explores that followed were completely unplanned originally, which was excellent.


Taking the back roads instead of the highways or interstates in America can yield some fantastic finds, and as we crested a hill on our way to another location we all saw the incredibly pretty red wood church up ahead with the large cross painted on the roof. My friend wanted to stop and grab a couple of quick external shots as it was so pretty, and I went for a wander around and suddenly realised there were a couple of windows with broken panes, not enough to squeeze through but it made me think it may actually be abandoned.  After a bit more of a look we found a way in and once inside it was immediately apparent it hadn't been used in a while, cobwebs over everything and one of the old entranceways had small bibles and other stuff scattered all over. But other than that it was, in my mind, the most intact most beautiful church I have ever photographed. We took it in turns one by one to shoot inside as it was a small space, but the workmanship of the inside and outside was amazing to see. As with many churches the light was terrible inside so I did my best.


When I got home this afternoon I did some more research into it and it's used very very rarely for funeral services as the graveyard next door is still functional, but it's in such a remote location it's obviously been a very long time since it last saw any use - the large bees nest in the roof was testament enough to that.
























Thanks for looking :smile:

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