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USA Church of Arches May 2016

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America is a country that is rapidly losing it's faith, especially in the northeastern states. There are a ridiculous number of churches in many of the large cities over there, and with dwindling congregations there aren't enough worshippers to go around. Some luckily find their way into becoming housing, or other community assets, and others are just left to rot and decay and occasionally catch fire.


So far this is the fifth church I have explored in this one particular city, each of them have been unique and different in their own way. This one is no exception, it is situated right in the ghetto and was beginning to be tidied up into something else but conversion stopped. According to my friend the owner used to sit in the entranceway long after it had been abandoned and would play the drums out into the street, the drums have since been stolen though. Not more than a couple of hundred yards from the front of the church was a house that had burned no more than two days before my visit, the car next door was still covered in burnt bits of wood and ash.


Anyway we didn't spend too long here as other than the main features there wasn't really a great deal to shoot, it really was beautiful inside though.


























Thanks for looking :)


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Empty, but nice architecture. I like the ceiling and the windows.

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