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Other Facanos complex, Hungary 2016

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Hi everyone! I didn't write anything for a lot of time and now I have a lot of information for you:)

Today I want to tell about my journey to Hungary during which we visited a lot of cool places. One of these places is Facanos complex in Budapest.

The complex of buildings as known as Fasanos was built in 1850 in neoclassical style. The architect was Jozef Hild. The complex and territory were called so because of the big number of pheasants nearby. The first buildings were made for an order of one soup maker before 1850. In 1850 they desided to make the complex bigger, and Hild projected a summer hotel (Horthy villa now) and a restaurant (bigger building). During 19th century the complex widened to the whole resourt, baths and pavilions were built. In 1880 they built the maid house (first house that we saw). They had big plans for this resourt but economical situation was bad and they only reconstructed buldings in 1918. The Horthy-villa house was used like recreation rooms. Before WWT the complex was occupied with Royal Hungarian Army. In 1939 Hungary opened its borders for Polish refugees. Hungarian army put into the complex Polish officers. In 1944 Fasanos was used for gestapo but the headquarters were not there but in the neighbourhood. After the war Fasanos' owners were Ministery of internal affairs. They put there the college. From 60s there was a school for frontier guards. In these times the complex changed a lot, old parts were rebuilt and they became not so beautiful. In old look stayed only the maid's house. It was separeted from the main territory. There some poor people lived till 1984 when it was abandoned. The main complex was abandoned in 1990. It's unknown now who owns this territory. Many companies wanted to reconstruct Fasanos but the lack of money was the problem. In 2000 it was an attempt to reconstruct Horthy villa. During the reconstruction they found remains of old, first walls that meant that the look of the house was changed in these years a lot.

The complex in 1866.




The maids' house.







32 years of oblivion.





The restaurant building in 1920.



And now.
































This is all, but I hope I won't be lazy to write cause I have a lot of places from Russia, Serbia and Hungary in my archives.

Thank you for watching!

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I love the effect that nature has had on those old wooden doors. Really nice place, like the old photo's compared to your ones.

Nice to see you back too :thumb 



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This place looks great, some nice classic architecture there and a nice level of decay.

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