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USA Oculus House May 2016

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OK here is where things began to get a little surprising....


Following on from the awful 'Grand Hotel Disappointment' we headed off a short distance down the road to another town to attempt a sanatorium we had heard about. We saw the access but it required a fair old climb that neither of us were feeling up to knowing that the caretaker was living in a house across the street. So we walked back to the car and thought hang on we saw a curious looking house not far up the road so we may as well have a look, in for a penny and all that. Poking around the outside we found a way in so without a second look dived inside before the neighbours spotted us. And all I can say is wow. Ascending the stairs and actually seeing what it looked like inside was a heart-in-mouth moment. The rest of the house was just as weird too, with a load of African sculptures in one room and a massive window looking out onto the street in another.


It's a shame that when this particular building was converted into a house they ruined the aspect by adding an extra floor in, you will see what I mean.


These were all taken with no tripod as it was only ever intended as a scouting mission so the photos are a bit meh.


























Thanks for looking ;)

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That's a cool find, well done, it's always worth trying the places you just happen across. 

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