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Nice. Unfortunately, the translator of Google refuses to translate the website. And I do not speak Spanish. ;)

So maybe you can write a few information about the location here in the forum.

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Thanks mate ;). You can translate it with the translator below between the last post in the blog and the facebook followers. I hope will be useful ;)


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Some good pics there, but as this is a predominantly English speaking forum it would be much easier if this report was updated with the translated history ;)

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Translation : 


The Kingdom of God is all around us , it is absolutely everything.

His regime has the power to condition the lives of mortals from

more than two thousand years ago in the form of ancestral lying and thinking.

Shelter not face the fear and courage in believing oneself,

the church is always shown as visible theater of the mystical and the divine

while rectories , are the most dense imperceptible obscurantism.

What's between those walls , in those lives and habits after the call ?

Is it just the belief the meaning of everything , or the perfect way to escape?

Life is an inexplicable miracle that know their own destiny ,

the answer to those questions lead to the stupidity of the believer.

Possibly , your institution is the culprit in the story that so.

- Welcome to the rectory -



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