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I've just seen a picture on the severalls hospital page that permission for nearly complete demolition has been applied for.... For August.


Please see the oblivion state Facebook page for the picture in the next few mins. It's easier for me to get it on there off the iPad.


The clearest bit of info yet that it's not in its terminal years or months, but weeks.


we all know how long it doesn't take demo crews once they get started.


Sounds like security has been beefed up as well.


If you haven't seen it, how's the time. Just be safe, now more than ever.

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    • By mookster
      Various rumblings along these lines, seems true and demo crews are nibbling away at the rearmost buildings now.
      Another Asylum that'll soon be gone!
    • By suburbankarma
      Was a bit gutted to arrive at the Father Hudson Society Complex yesterday to find demolition in full swing.
      The smaller building at the back of St Edwards had already been cleared and the demolition of St Philomena was underway. St Joseph's had been cleared of anything left inside and it was all piled up outside.
      The asbestos removal guys were in St Mary's and St Edwards and there were piles of scrap metal, wood and skips across the site. Nearly all the conifers have now been removed and either shredded or cut up into logs.
      The reclamation guys had apparently already been in and removed anything of value.
      After talking to the demo guys it seems that St Mary's, St Edwards, St Gerard's, St Joseph's, St Philomena's, the small office building and the two 1940's prefabs will all be gone in the next 3 weeks.
      Managed to take a look round St Gerards when the demo guys went for lunch just to have one more last mooch before its demise.
      The plan is to build houses on this site and a set of new administration offices for the Society. The rest of the site will be cleared in the next phase.
      A sad sight to see it being torn down but probably for the best in a lot of people's eyes considering the child abuse that took place there.
      On with the photos...
      1. St Philomena - the plaque on the front of the building was saved.

      2. Nearly Gone

      3. Bathroom - taken in December 2013

      4. Same bath yesterday...that's one way to remove it

      5. Cast aside...

      6. Dumped

      7. St Joesphs

      8. Gravestones of the two priests that were originally buried in the grounds. The bodies were reported to have been exhumed and re-interred several years ago at the church down the road.

      9. All the trees have been felled, shredded or cut into logs

      10. St Edwards

      11. The rear of St Edwards, the smaller accommodation building that ran in line with St Philomena's has already been demolition and the land completely cleared.

      12. A quick visit to St Gerards, it's been stripped of anything worth saving including the two ceramic angel plaques above the doors

      13. A final view of St Philomena and the enquiry office

      14. One for Wevsky - I'm sure I read in another report that you had heard about this but hadn't seen it ?

    • By suburbankarma
      Demolition of the Father Hudson Society complex is currently in progress 25/01/2014
      The St Edwards convent is now cleared and St Philomena's was half demolished yesterday.
      The asbestos removal guys are in the process of doing their stuff in St Mary's and the remainder of St Edwards main building, the reclamation guys have been in and taken anything of value and all the trees have been removed and shredded.
      After talking to the asbestos removal guys and the demo guys yesterday it looks like the site will be cleared within the next three weeks.
      Pretty sure there are plenty of people glad to see the back of this place with its dark history of child abuse.
      RIP Father Hudsons Complex
    • By Seffy
      Bristol Ice Rink (John Nike Leisuresport), Bristol
      Visited with some of the Bristol massive!
      A brief summery for you:
      Demolition has been approved.
      We've been looking at this one for a while now, and this time, for the first time, it would seem luck was on our side.
      After a long week, this was certainly a rewarding way to end it. Think what you want of it, some would say this isn't particularly interesting and just a massive derp, but personally I found it fascinating to see and completely worth it too. Having visited the rink a couple of times when I was younger, it brought back some vague memories.
      The place really is in a state, but then again it was in a state before it closed and indeed for the last however many years. That being said, the people of Bristol were still very unhappy at its closure. It did seem to be attracting a large amount of visitors still, which makes you question the closure further.
      There is some evidence here and there of it being a cinema in its previous years, but this is mostly gone.
      We also found what looks like an old night club, way up in the higher level, which looks like builders briefly moved in once, set up some lights and put some office desks around, then left. I didn't take any pictures up in those parts, as we didn't fancy having to pay parking fines so had to be off. That being said, there isn't too much of interest as it's all been fairly trashed. It was still interesting to see all that above the ice rink, a place where people mostly likely haven't been for years.
      An interesting read from a Bristolian talking about building when it held a nightclub and a cinema too.
      The rink from the front, years before closure:



    • By northerngeek
      I found this building by chance. Was out walking with my camera, and there it was. Ready for demolition, and comletely stripped except for two pianos and a pile of electrical stuff. I'm not sure, but I think it was built in the 1800ds as a warehouse and offices thingy. 5 stories, bricks. Close to the harbor. I think it's been abandoned for a while, and with quite a few squatters recent years. Got a couple of hours. Went back a few days later for more shots, but they'd started the demolition. And they'd startet with the staircases. Building now gone.