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Belgium Waux Hall, Belgium, July 16 (Permission)

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One of the last destinations on day one of my recent trip to Belgium, thank God. "Im too old for this shit!" (at only 28 hah!) Not eating properly and lack of sleep takes its tole, but euro trips are so worth it once you get home and remind your self of where you have been through the photos. And this place was one of the highlights. Its been stripped back of contents and only a few rooms are worth looking at. But the few that are are absolutely stunning.




Competing for the erection of the assembly house La Redoute, the first modern casino on the European continent (1763), the Spa Waux hall1 opened in 1770 despite the exclusive award given to the first by the prince-bishop . This controversy gave birth to the "case of Spa games" that will be born an agreement between the first two houses of assembly. These meeting rooms Spa will participate in the consecration as Café de l'Europe in 1781. It will be built in 1785 a third competitor home, Levoz lounge. The opening of Levoz lounge is an offense under the regulation of games. This "affair Spa games" will be one of the causes of the Liège Revolution 17892.

During his second stay in Spa (1787), it seems that de Genlis particularly enjoyed the new meeting house, the Waux hall, away from the center of Spa, in a pastoral setting, more than home games that preceded it, Redoubt, on the initiative of the Magistrate in the heart of the city.

The Spa Waux hall is the work of architect Jacques Barthelemy Renoz, the stucco Antoine-Pierre and Franck Henri Deprez painter. It is the rare architectural witness to one of the oldest theaters of Europe games. La Redoute has suffered several fires and the current Casino Spa, rebuilt in place, unfortunately includes most original pieces of 1763.

In 1999, the Waux hall is on the protection list of the Walloon Heritage Institute. An external restoration work began on 15 March 2006 for a period of one year. 1 July 2005 has established the European Business Club in the Liège region, Waux club hall, which has scheduled its implantation in the Waux renovated lobby.


Shot with a Nikon D3300 and a 11-16 2.8 lens









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