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UK "Manor house of the cursed family"

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First of all: Translating this text was difficult for me, but I've tried my best. I hope that the translation is halfway correct and at least understandable...




History and Legend:


The mansion in victorian neo-gothic style was built in 1844. Due to various reasons over the years, like inheritance taxes, the property was finally abandoned.


Due to military merit, the family gained great prestige and notoriety. Against the wishes of his father, a son of the family joined the navy. This son was a restless man and full of adventurousness. So, he left the village, and commanded a whaler with Eskimos on the Arctic coast. For unknown reasons, he retired to the disfavor of the Eskimos and it's claimed that they imposed a curse on him and his family. Shortly after the curse, the ship was caught in a storm and ran on a hidden reef. The legend tells of mutiny and deadly clashes on the ship, where the son was killed. But the Eskimos arrived at the coast safely. The place of the unfortunate son in the family tomb is empty to this day, his body was never found.



The visit:


Visited over 16 years ago...


By bus I drove along the coast, and reached the small town in the afternoon. The waves, breaking against the rocks, could be heard in the seemingly deserted village, when I walked into the overlying forest to the abandoned mansion. The smell of the sea water was displaced by the pleasant cool air of the forest. Finally, I stood in front of the dark building. The windows of the ruinous castle were nailed with black boards, which intensified the gloomy mood. The roof of the tower has already had large holes, through which could been seen the rotten wooden beams. The statues in the overgrown garden looked at me with their lifeless stony eyes.


After some exterior shots, I went closer to the castle and noticed that one of the rusty side doors was slightly open. I opened the creaky door and walked inside. A smell of mildew surrounded me. The little light, that came through the partially collapsed roof and the collapsed ceilings, brightened an old fireplace and a ramshackle staircase in the rear part of the corridor.


I had taken a few pictures, when behind me was a cracking sound. Frightened, I turned around and there was standing a beefy-looking man. He came towards me, threatened with a hedge trimmer, which flashed on in diffuse light. My pulse was racing at this moment...

He shouted at me: 'This is private! You've broken the door!"

I replied: "No, the door was open! I just was curious..."

He just screamed: "Go out!"  ... I didn't understand what he said continued, and I ran outside.


On the way back to the village I had the feeling of being persecuted. But luckily no one was following me.

I was glad when I was in the bus again. That was enough adrenaline for this day - but at least with a couple of pics. ;)



The photos were taken analogy, and scanned from old negatives.




































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Great report Andy, glad he didn't shape you into mickey mouse with his trimmer! UK 16 years ago, wonder if it is now occupied or not?

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3 hours ago, The_Raw said:

Great report Andy, glad he didn't shape you into mickey mouse with his trimmer! UK 16 years ago, wonder if it is now occupied or not?


It was my second trip to UK, my first one was in 1991. :) 
The mansion is still abandoned, even 16 years later. But it has been secured now and was restored in small parts (the roof, for example). The owner is looking for a buyer for years.

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Bloody brilliant looking building that and great report. Looks like something out of Edward Scissorhands or crimson peak. That's bloody good thx for posting. Would love to see it and takes pics especially with a great moonlight at back hell yea.

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