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UK Millwood Primary Special School Bury - April 2016

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Ok this has been planning to be upped for a while but lost the pics till now lol.


@bolts and @Stitch2016 where with me and bloody hell learned where he got his name from on this mad has hell adventure.... History i have none other than it was for disbaled kids and special needs.


Ok let me tell you a crazy tale.

It began with a nice invite from bolts to come check out this school his mate had found.

Bloody good stuff and off i went.

Met up with bolts and headed out to the school. Once we got there checked out the pic on whats app of how to get in. After some scouring it was found and in me and bolts went p.s this was just to get into the playground.  With awesome people shot chances and cough p3 lol


Said playground








Now has bolts has posted his report elsewhere turns out my pic pops up searching name of school. Only just saw this after trying to find history. So hopefully this will also work lol..


@bolts on playground



Anyways on with the tale.

So after taking some shots and having some fun @Stitch2016 turns up and off we go getting in.

After finding a better way in we went. Now at first the place was rather bland and bare i say at First. Anyway here is the pics of bland ish bits.




















Now has you see quite bland.

But has the tale goes on ....

In this time bolts had accidentally triggered a pr. And a little beeping sound started up. Then stitch says dont worry no one came the last time. At what point i thought well who turned it off lol.

Anyway with risk of secca and the place bland it wasent looking great Until. A voice came from another room saying we got power.


Said room



Then stuff turned up odd for a school..






Ok bit more intresting ... Then more stuff . This place was bigger than at first thought. And i aint going to lie the alarm thing was worrying and later you will hear what happens.








Then from out of nowhere i here OMG a pool.

I thought wth a pool in a school lmao ryme at the right time .

And yep there it was a pool and hospital stuff and POWER.

A school with built in hosi. hell yea Now i apologize some of the next shots are not great .. This is due to hiding and running but that can wait pics first.










Now let me explain how this next part went.


Bolts spotted a secca guy standing outside. Cutting the explore short. While watching said secca another turned up . While heading for way out saw all the beds etc and just fast shot what i could .. The place looked great and wish i had more time but unfortunate that secca had other ideas. Now has we headed for a nice fire door we got out and stealthed our way to get off the site .. That did not last long has when we got to said exit a little look back and fook me 4 or 5 secca stareing back from inside school. And WTF they started taking pics . We got out of the playground. BUT it was not over yet has we went round a corner fook me Two vans and Two cars. Secca army now this is where bolts gets his name. We all fled and got split up . I thought i was long gone only to be ambushed by 5 secca wanting to know crap. So made some shit up about bird watching. They yapped for a bit saying shit like breaking in. Then over radio heard some shit about someone running from school i presume bolts lol. So they let me on way . Fooking crazy crazy crap. Was the most fun and crazy explore i have done yet. propper heart racing crap. Please people stay away its alarmed and secca are well not the niceist and in force. But whens that ever stopped anyone lol.....



Some of Said secca taken by bolts. Hope ya dont mind m8ty..




Anyways has always hope you enjoyed and thanks for looking and reading.

See ya all soon.

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8 hours ago, Vulex said:

You always have fun m8ty.

Always m8ty. Never a dull moment. Chuck in a @stranton and a @ACID-REFLUX and it's an absolute blast lol. Chaos and everything inbetween. Thanks for replying m8ty.


8 hours ago, hamtagger said:

Some crazy secca, lol at the birdwatching story :D 




Yep talk about a show of force ... The bird watching was awesome thinking. They said so why did you run and I said wouldn't you run if to lads ran towards you shouting quick run there's trouble over there. They had absolutely no comeback lol. Thanks for the reply m8ty it's appreciated.


8 hours ago, Andy said:

Looks like a funny visit. ;) 

Oh my god m8ty it was incredible. Funniest thing ever. And some of bolts pics are amazing. Especially when they where talking with me and bolts took a selfie of him and secca van. LMFAO incredible. Most fun ever. Thanks so much for replying its always appreciated.

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This place looks good, I can imagine that the 'hospital' were the old style sick bays. In my old school we actually had hospital beds in the sick bays and that is where you would go if you weren't feeling well, there were about 8 of them. Also the school nurses used to administer inoculations so this could be an explanation. 

The pool is pretty cool, small though.. 

Great story :thumb 

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@Urbexbandoned it looked good has we ran through lol. And the pool I think was some sort of relaxation pool for sore muscles etc. Not for swimming. Like a hydro pool. And those special beds I think where to water people down or to slowly lower into water to help with circulation etc. Something like that. Think I would be pretty close lol. Has always thanks for replying.

Pic 18 and 19. This room was full of electric wheelchair and special disability machines I'm shocked these where not taken to new school.

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Seems like a lot of schools over that way are derpy! Looks decent. As for secca, they cant do shit so :thumb

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2 hours ago, Hydro said:

Seems like a lot of schools over that way are derpy! Looks decent. As for secca, they cant do shit so :thumb

Yep there seems to be. And yes secca can't really do nowt . But these where persistent lol. Thanks for replying m8ty it's appreciated

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