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Cheapest GoPro Ever !

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Hey Everyone,


I just want to share with you my experience with a "SJ4000 Camera sport". I was thinking about taking a Gopro for filming but i was broke.


I just found this camera on Ebay. So i made quick searches about it... Not really convinced, but my trip came really fast. 50€ / 44 GBP.


1476951800-57.jpg - envoi d'image avec NoelShackIt looks like this. With so muuuch accessories, and a second battery !


I used in my last trip in Italy, and i'm pretty happy with that ! I recommand it ! This is not a promotion form, i was juste broke and i was looking for something cheap to film.

Previews, i can export some videos if you want :


1476952532-capture-d-ecran-2016-10-20-a-10-32-28.png - envoi d'image avec NoelShack 1476952543-capture-d-ecran-2016-10-20-a-10-30-47.png - envoi d'image avec NoelShack 1476952540-capture-d-ecran-2016-10-20-a-10-29-50.png - envoi d'image avec NoelShack 1476952594-capture-d-ecran-2016-10-20-a-10-29-13.png - envoi d'image avec NoelShack 1476952591-capture-d-ecran-2016-10-20-a-10-28-55.png - envoi d'image avec NoelShack

Pro :
- Lot of equipements, two batteries !
- Cheap camera for a good image quality.
- The screen behind the camera !!

Cons :
- Sometimes the camera reset to the defaut settings when you turn it off. So you got an ugly timestamp on it, and the camera is making weird sounds when you turn it off/on. Not so quiet.

- You need to use the camera to charge the batteries.

- Wifi would be awesome to have a preview on your phone. But it seems that the new version got it.

You can check it on EBAY !

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      I struggle to get a consistent quality/setting. Through the year you/I change settings for the conditions, so the end product is not in one constant quality. Been playing with some clips from 2015 and Gopro studio but with no real joy. Still worth wasting 2 minutes of your life I think! All clips were made with Gopro4.
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