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UK Harperbury Hospital - March 2016

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We had a look at this place on a trip down south earlier this year. This part is well fucked now and surely beyond repair. The lack of tiles on the roofs has left these buildings a decayed mess. Still, a couple of hours relaxed exploring was enjoyed, on a warm and quite afternoon. It was cool having a look round here as it was one I'd always fancied the look of from reports I had seen. I just wish I had been aware of the other, no where near as fucked part next door. From the reports I have seen from that part it looks really nice. We seen a lad on the other side of the fence to us and I just thought he trying to find a way into the fucked part. We had no idea at the time what was over their :)  Visited with non member Paul.


In 1924 Middlesex County Council purchased the Porters Park estate, comprising a total area of 420 acres.The area would eventually become the site of both Harperbury and Shenley hospitals
The first patients were 8 adult males detained under The Mental Deficiency Act 1913. When the construction of new buildings began in 1929, these patients were involved in basic labouring. The first of the new buildings were opened in February 1931 and by December housed 342 patients. The site continued to expand - with the addition of female and childrens units - until 1936. After this expansion, the hospital was officially opened by Sir Kingsley Wood - the health minister at the time - in May 1936 and by 1939 the site had 1,194 patients.
In 1948 the hospital became part of the NHS and was renamed Harperbury Hospital in 1950.  accommodation designed for 1,354 patients was housing 1,587.
By 1964 the hospital was suffering severe overcrowding, accommodation designed for 1,354 patients was housing 1,587. Yet the hospital continued to expand up until 1973 when the scaling down process began. and by 1974 a discharge programme had begun moving patients out of Harperbury and back into the outside world. The discharge program continued and by late 2001 there were only about 200 chronically sick patients in residence.


Harperbury (1)


Harperbury (9)


Harperbury (12)


Harperbury (3)


Harperbury (15)


Harperbury (16)


Harperbury (20)


Harperbury (23)


Harperbury (26)


Harperbury (25)


Harperbury (31)


Harperbury (35)


Harperbury (28)


Harperbury (37)


Harperbury (29)


Thanks for looking :thumb

More pics on my Flickr page - https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157666820232325/with/26259116425/

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On 13/12/2016 at 7:43 PM, Vulex said:


Looking nice mate, your photography has really come on too.


Thank you very much mate :)

On 13/12/2016 at 8:07 PM, hamtagger said:


Looking very derpy nowadays but some nice peely in there, which is noiceee :) 


Yep. Was in a right state to be fair mate. I still enjoyed the visit though :thumb

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On 19/12/2016 at 9:12 AM, Urbexbandoned said:

They still using this place for police training? 

Don't think so mate. Never seen any signs that anything like that had been going on. Reckon it's too fucked now.

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