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USA Tubs Church, USA, December 2016

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It's been a little bit since I've posted anything but that doesn't mean I've been slacking on exploring. The last week of December and early January me and my exploring pal decided it was a good time to get down and dirty scouting, researching, and exploring places here around Birmingham, since he had a few weeks off from college classes. Despite a recent revival in the downtown area of Birmingham, it's still a town filled with lots of blight, and is consistently mentioned as one of the more dangerous big city in the country. A blight filled town is great from an exploring standpoint, not great from any other standpoint.


But on with the pics.


I unfortunately haven't been able to find much of any information about this little church tucked away in the ghetto. About all I know is that it's an old Methodist church. It's very nice and impressive from the outside, but unfortunately the inside has been victim to some terribly cheap renovations. The good shepherd stained glass window is still very impressive however.



31182621983_233790e91b_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31618178690_385d8675ef_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31182712103_86c3827d87_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31843958612_4a0ee966a7_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31992077275_491baca567_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31875248941_b5a2fd234a_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31151811854_d58be2ed1b_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31992068335_0ee28b7c7f_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31843933612_c38f637753_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31875194621_f85fb2e034_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31151822654_e401c617f0_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31875239291_0464bb19d8_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



31843941052_645d09b6d0_b.jpgUntitled by Alex, on Flickr



Thanks for looking :)


More pics here


https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157677093111320/with/31843941052/



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The fifth and sixth photo are my absolute favorites, the lead glass window is really great.

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