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Quick report as I don't have any historical info.

Fun explore, although got cut a bit short, after being caught, so I need to go back one day to finish it...


Secca was really nice. He offered me some coffee and cola, while waiting for the police.

Police was less amused and they didn't wanna believe I was there, on my own, just taking pics.

Ended up being searched, then my bag + car and finally by the policeman destroying my memory card with his pocket knife, handing the remains to the security guard.

Luckily I was shooting on 2 cards simultaneously and I managed to hide 1 of the cards while waiting for police... Having a backup sometimes makes sense. :)


Now, on with the shots;













































Cheers for looking!

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Added country and month of visit

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Wow this place is amazing!


I'm not sure what the legalities of the police destroying your memory card over there - they certainly wouldn't be allowed to do that over here in the UK. Glad you got away with a backup :thumb



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Looks a cool place, shame about security and police though. Personally I would run rather than wait for the police. Can you put an approximate date in the title please? Cheers :) 

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Thats a lovely set of pics, looks a cool place. Nice work  switching the memory cards, does seem a bit over zealous of them to destroy it  :unfair:

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Thanks Guys!! Much appreciated!


Agree, destroying of the memory card was way out of line and probably not legal, but at that particular moment I figured;

Memory card = 25 euro. Making fuzz and risk being taken to the station and getting a possible fine for being at this location is just not worth it....

(Especially since I knew I had a backup anyway..)


Funny thing as the officer also told me to leave Belgium and go back to NL, once they were done searching everything... Right...

Drove 10 min to my next location instead. :)



(PS. Apologies for forgetting to add country/date, again... Will remember next time. :) )

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Looks great.  Good you was shooting on 2 cards simultaneously. I always do so either, two slots for memory cards are very convenient.

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